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    The Captured Mermaid & Holiday Shipping Sale!

    Filed under Art Projects, Giveaways, Lora Mahaffey, Mermaid Paper Doll Kit, Newsletters, Sale, Tutorials

    Note: as this is a holiday weekend here in the US: FREE shipping on orders over $50 (for orders shipping to USA) now through Tuesday night, July 4th!

    A new sale! EVERYTHING in the Decorative Metal section is on sale for 25% off!

    The sale ends TUESDAY night, July 4th!

    I love, love, love the shrine that Design Team Member Lora Mahaffey made for her Mermaid Kit artwork!

    But before I quote from Lora’s (always witty) blog: the new Wrought Iron Gate for Arched Shrine Shadowbox! Designed to fit the Arched Shrine Shadowbox (but such a pretty piece, I’m sure you’ll find other projects for it, too). And it looks smashing painted black as part of the Victorian “cage” for The Captured Mermaid.

    From Lora’s blog post:

    She was found tangled in a fisherman’s net, her arm badly broken. That day there happened to be a journalist at the harbor photographing the boats when the fisherman came in with his odd catch. Before anyone could say ‘Fish and Chips’ she was whisked away to London, her arm repaired with the most advanced technology of the Victorian era, placed in a large, specially made tank and hauled to the British Museum where she was the talk of the nation as folks came in droves to see her.

    Intrigued now, aren’t you? But before you run off and read more about the mermaid’s plight, stay here a bit to see some new items:

    - Mermaid Paper Doll Kit
    - Arched Shrine Shadowbox
    - Wrought Iron Gate for Arched Shrine Shadowbox
    - Stairstep Shrine Base
    - Mini Steampunk Seahorse – Set of 2
    - Spanish Crowns Collage Sheet
    - Seashells in Plastic Tin
    - Seashell Sequin Mix

    Here’s a link to Lora’s supply list.

    Read more of Lora’s story for her mermaid, and see lots more photos (including her tutorial).


     Highlights of Decorative Metal Sale Items!   View the Sale Section

    Tim Holtz Ornate Plates Set

    18mm Fancy Bronze Nail Heads

    Pink Flamingo Brads

    Square Bronze Upholstery Studs or Miniature Bases

    Posted by Leslie, June 29th, 2017

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