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    Snowglobes! New Miniature Furniture & Holiday Miniatures Sale!

    Filed under Art Projects, Gifts/Decorations, Giveaways, Miniatures, Newsletters, Sale, Teri Calia

    Joy Snowglobe by Teri Calia

    Aw… such a fun, colorful little display in a snowglobe — I love using the snowglobes and other acrylic jars as domes to display scenes at Christmas.

    And using the little slices of Peppermint Cane to cover the roof and make a path through the snow to the Gingerbread House is too cute! (Note: That Gingerbread House is part of today’s new sale!)

    For those of you interested in making your own waterless snowglobes I’ve assembled a few tips on turning a boring globe on a white plastic base into a fabulously festive globe on a pedestal…

    Teri provides some hints on camoflaging the plastic base with greenery in her blog post. See everything from her supply list. AND see below in the Giveaway section for ANOTHER project by Teri! Plus the FREE Gift today includes a snowglobe!


    Inspired by Teri’s artwork: a new FREE gift kit!

    UPDATED Friday, December 8th: The Snowglobes are SOLD OUT! I am substituting another cute clear acrylic dome/jar for the gift kits. And I have changed the dates this gift kit is available to end on SATURDAY night (12/9/17). There will be a new gift announced in Sunday’s newsletter. Thanks.

    Snowglobe FREE Mini Gift Kit Yay! Make a little scene in a snowglobe like Teri’s… with lots of options for sparkly Winter-inspired glitter! I’m including one of the DIY Snowglobes and a small baggie each of the 3 colors of glitter shown! (One is a custom mix!)

    ALL ORDERS OVER $24.00 on Thursday through Monday Saturday, December 7 – 9 (2017) will receive one of the Snowglobe Mini Gift Kits FREE! Note: If I run out of the snowglobes, I’ll still include the 3 colors of glitter and also a special surprise!


    A New Sale: Miniatures for Holiday Decor!

    Tons of things here, drawn from many sections but all in sizes that could work for a miniature scene. Seasons from Halloween, Easter, Christmas… ALL Miniatures for Holiday Decor are on Sale for 35% off! The sale ends MONDAY night, December 11th.

    Over 80 Items!

    Hooray for the Winter Wonderland Apothecary Jar Giveaway!

    Oooh! A second little mantelpiece scene by Teri! Isn’t this beautiful?! Teri’s Winter Wonderland Apothecary Jar is so sophisticated with its muted palette (and I love the look of the Mother Of Pearl Mousse over raw wood on that base)!

    EVERYTHING in Teri’s Supply List is included in today’s Giveaway!

    Note: there’s a row of items below (highlights of items used in this artwork, and all included in the Giveaway)!

    To enter the Winter Wonderland Apothecary Jar Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY OR TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, FRIDAY, December 8, 2017)!

    And tell me: What will you make with these supplies? There are lots of trees in each size, so you will have some extras to play with. Psst! Those trees AND the white deer are in the Miniatures for Holiday Decor sale!

    Don’t forget to leave your (hello! correct) email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

    Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

    After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via Random.org). So check your mailbox on Sunday morning to see who won and for the next Giveaway and Newsletter!

    Hey, who won the Winter Crowns Kit Giveaway? Susan! Congratulations! Check your email for more info.

    Posted by Leslie, December 7th, 2017

    52 Responses to “Snowglobes! New Miniature Furniture & Holiday Miniatures Sale!”

    1. Nancy O Says:

      I’d make an apothecary jar similar to Teri’s first (love the elegant look). The extra trees would be glued to various sizes of old wooden thread spools and decorated as ornaments.

    2. Kimberly Says:

      Ohhh! I want to make a snow globe!

    3. Jo Says:

      OMG! I love the snow globes and the apothecary jars! So cute! I’d make a Christmas snow globe and a Halloween jar! Great ideas!!!

    4. Cherry Says:

      I got so excited I sent off a comment before I even wrote it! I love snow globes at Christmas time! In fact, I love them all year long!

    5. Winnie Says:

      I would make a snow globe. How cute!

    6. Lisa Says:

      This is a very exciting giveaway! I’d make scenes in them and give as gifts. The ideas are limitless!

    7. Anne W Says:

      I adore the apothecary jars! Christmas presents for everyone!!!

    8. Rhonda Sihocky Says:

      I love the jar and the snow globe. both are so cute!

    9. Barb A Says:

      Another fabulous creation by Teri, especially love the gold berries, would make something very similar. I’m planning a 50’s scene, would try to reinvent one of the trees into a retro silver tree for that scene.

    10. Patti Gwyn Says:

      I like the jar globes. Love the deer scene.

    11. Leanna Alverson Says:

      I love these miniatures and so would my kids – I’d probably make something similar to the deer scene. It looks so pretty and so peaceful.

    12. karen young Says:

      Love them just as they are. I certainly enjoy each newsletter and a lot myself plenty of time to search each item. Happy Holidays!!

    13. Jean Marmo Says:

      Love all of these!! We have a snow globe collection that my sister started for my daughter 33 years ago!

    14. Laurie staffaroni Says:

      Love the snow globes! The ideas for them are endless. They would make awesome gifts. Love the sparkles!!!

    15. Debbie Stine Says:

      Apothecary jar no doubt! Love it! Thanks

    16. Francine perri Says:

      I would love to make a mini apothecary jar

    17. Laura Bayless Says:

      Oh, it’s time for a new diorama. I think I’ll need quite a few extra apothecary jars!

    18. Cheryl Lee Says:

      Very cute, I’d make something quite similar. Congrats to Susan!

    19. Kat Cashwell Says:

      I love snow globes and gingerbread house!! I would make the winter wonderland & would love to try the mother of pearl mousse !!🎄🎄

    20. Anne Says:

      Definitely an apothecary jar. This is the inspiration that I needed to put Halloween crafts away and focus on Christmas.

    21. Barb macaskill Says:

      I would make the apothecary jar into a Snowglobe using waterproof silicone. I would be so excited to give this a try and if I am happy with it then I would definitely be ordering more of the apothecary jars and other supplies to make lots of these as gifts! I also have a few ideas for different seasons using these goodies! I am keeping my fingers crossed 🤞 in hopes of seeing my name as the winner! My email is macaskillbarbara@yahoo.com

    22. K Toews Says:

      I love it! I would have to make a winter scene.

    23. Laural Says:

      Dear Santa,
      All I want for Christmas is to win this giveaway!

    24. Darlene McFadden Says:

      The snow globe and apothecary jar are so beautiful. I’d like to make one of each, at least.

    25. Debi H. Says:

      I am in love ❤️ With these snow globes!! Would be thrilled if I won!

    26. Amy Says:

      Wonderful, will attempt the tree and deer scene.

    27. Krista Says:

      I’d love to make some kind of hanging ornament with that apocathery jar to put on my tree and use the products supplied to create a snowy scene.

    28. Karen Wood Says:

      I’m not sure what I would make. I could make a snowy tree and deer scene and a snowman in a jar ornament.

    29. Karen Mallory Says:

      How cute is this project! I love mini scenes! I would make a mini scene similar to Teri’s!

    30. Luanne Shoup Says:

      I would like to make a snow globe for all of my girlfriends!

    31. Ruth Ann Garand Says:

      We are turning the basement into a ”
      gramma ” suite for me. I saved some pieces of the wood studs that happened to have some raw bark on it and I would make an outdoor winter scene with the little deer and trees, on snow of course. I love snow globes and like to make “jar” ones for friends with their favorite collectables in them,, cats, dogs, etc.

    32. Nadine Says:

      I want to make a winter wonderland too!!!

    33. Lisa Robinson Says:

      Happy Holidays to all and Alpha stamps!!!
      These are just magnificent! Yes, I LOVE THE MOTHER OF PEARL MOUSSE TOO!! It shimmers beautifully!!
      I think I would fill this with vegetable glycerin, and add white glitter!!! Fingers crossed for this one!!!

    34. Lisa R. Says:

      I hope I win this one… so adorable and beautiful!!!!

    35. Jennie Ingram Says:

      OMG, I’d have to make a jar like Teri’s. It’s so perfect, and I’m in love with it just as it is. It would fit right in with the glass trees I have decorating our breakfast room!

    36. Carla Says:

      I’d have to make scenes similar to Teri’s!

    37. Debbie S. Says:

      Love both. I would make something similar with the winter scenes. I would also like to try the mousse. Congrats Susan! As always thank you for the chance to win. 23. Laural Says it all.

    38. Jen R Says:

      I would love to try to make a similar project!

    39. Cass Fonnesbeck Says:

      I want to make a snowglobe! These are sooo cool!

    40. Vera Collier Says:

      I have always wanted to do a snowglobe. This one is so cute!

    41. Margaret Says:

      Oh this is my favorite thing! I would make some beautiful winter snow globes and I would put them on the mantelpiece until Spring. This is the best yet! Live the snow globes and the apothecaries wow! Thanks for the chance to win!

    42. Mary Mac Says:

      Just love the Snow Globes. I would love to use all white objects in mine.

    43. Kee Ostler Says:

      This is so adorable! I love making mini scenes!

    44. Ina Good Says:

      I would make a snow scene in jar with deer and add frosty the snowman or santa or maybe both!

    45. Gigi Jordan Says:

      I would make little winter scenes. Teri’s are just adorable!

    46. Kim Lucak Says:

      I LOVE snow globes!!! Teri’s design is very lovely and elegant, and would continue past Christmas!

    47. Dennis L Says:

      I would make a winter scene with snow and mini trees, similar to what Teri made.

    48. Rebecca R. Says:

      Oh I Love this! So awesome! I would make a fairy winter wonderland snow globe! Thank You so much for doing such wonderful give-aways! Honestly, Thank You!

    49. Nancy E Says:

      I just love the vintage muted appeal of Terry’s apothacary jar. I have my house decorated in a similar style. This would be a fab addition to my collection!

    50. Marilyn Ray Says:

      I love snow globes and one that I made myself would be a great addition to my collection.

    51. Roe Says:

      The apothecary jar makes a quaint vintage snow globe. I would like to do something old fashioned just like hers.

    52. TONYA McWilliams Says:

      Love both and make something similar as shown.