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    Angels or Demons?

    Filed under Art Projects, Bella Ayers, Christmas, Collage Sheets, Giveaways, Newsletters, Rhonda Secrist Thomas, Sale

    Before we get to artwork and new supplies, a new sale!

    ALL Christmas Collage Sheets AND Angels and Saints Collage Sheets are on Sale at 50% Off! That’s over 140 options! There’s still time to download some digital images or collage sheets for making last-minute gifts… like the Christmas Angels Collage Sheet shown at right (and used in Bella’s artwork) or the TWO new collage sheets announced today!

    Through Sunday night, December 24th (Christmas Eve!)

    Ghosts of Christmas Past by Miz Bella (Kimberly Ayers)

    Now what is this about Angels or Demons? Well, both Bella & Rhonda used Large Haunted Houses today, one with a nostalgic/angelic design (love the sepia colors… see the first wide photos below), and the other… well, we’ll wait a bit to explore a way different shadowbox by Rhonda!

    Bella used the Large Haunted House Frame Set (the same house shape with window cut outs as the deeper shadowbox version, but the frame set has a flat/solid house shape as the back).

    Walking through the forest you might come upon an odd home that is slowly being covered in moss.

    Looking up at the windows, you will find that there are many ghosts from long-lost Christmas times. Each room a memory of times long gone by, carefully maintained with the joy and wonder of a child.

    Bella’s blog post and supply list.


    Picture perfect on the outside, but what is on the inside? by Design Team Member Rhonda Secrist Thomas

    Wow! Talk about a whole different effect (especially on the inside)!

    Rhonda used the deeper Large Haunted House Shadowbox (and about everything she could lay her hands on!) to make a whole storybook of bad children scenarios… breaking statues with a hammer? Raiding the stockings before Christmas?

    Driving on a winters day, viewing the lovely cottages and Tudor homes. What a picture perfect world this family must live, inside of their wonderfully, grand home.

    I would imagine the inside is just as beautiful with a perfect husband and wife, and wonderfully behaved children. Well think again!

    Hm… seeking Krampus made me remember this video from my fave local art store: Castle in the Air (from last year’s “arrival of Krampus” parade… it’s freezing here now (and pretty much all over the country) so the t-shirt-clad spectators look a little out of place… but perfect for a Berkeley crowd). Not as scary as a European video of a Krampus parade, but I’m happy for what I can get!

    Read more (and see many more photos) in Rhonda’s blog post and explore her supply list. And read on for a FREE gift inspired by Angels and Demons


    Inspired by both of today’s projects: a new FREE gift kit!

    I created 2 new collage sheets in honor of today’s artwork:
    - Krampus Postcards Collage Sheet
    - Victorian Angels Collage Sheet,
    either of which would provide even more images for creating a similar project as Bella’s or Rhonda’s. (And both are on sale as part of the Christmas collage sheet sale!)

    So back to this free gift: Angels or Demons? Your choice of the 2 new collage sheets. Just leave me a note on your order. If you don’t specify, I’ll pick one.

    ALL ORDERS on Thursday through Monday, December 14 – 18 (2017) will receive one of the 2 new collage sheets FREE! And all-digital orders will receive their choice as a pdf file.

    Hooray for the Everything New Giveaway!

    One each of all the new items announced today! Including both new collage sheets PLUS a bonus: one more collage sheet (of your choosing) from the 2 sale sections!

    So go check out the options, and leave me a note for what your choice would be on your comment:
    Christmas Collage Sheets
    Angels and Saints Collage Sheets

    To enter the Everything New Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY OR TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, FRIDAY, December 15, 2017)!

    Don’t forget to leave your (hello! correct) email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

    Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

    After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via Random.org). So check your mailbox on Sunday morning to see who won and for the next Giveaway and Newsletter!

    Hey, who won the Sparkly Snowflakes & Stars Giveaway? CG! Congratulations! Check your email for more info.

    Posted by Leslie, December 14th, 2017

    32 Responses to “Angels or Demons?”

    1. K Toews Says:

      Angels and Saints Collage Sheets

    2. Nadine Says:

      So many neat iteams and sheets. I would choose the tiny house trims sheet. Thank You so much for all the great giveaways you do! Merry Christmas!

    3. Liz Says:

      Love so much – Angels & saints appeal to my lifelong – nun of this & nun of that! @ convent school ❤️

      Thanks for the opportunity to win such awesome gifts

    4. Karen Says:

      The little gnome/elf charms are cute – lots of possibilities. I like the angel collage sheet – love Victorian scenes.

    5. Jean McDowell Says:

      Your site and blog is always inspiring. So many ideas and so little time. I really appreciate the tutorials with lists of products used. Thanks!

    6. Cheryl Lee Says:

      Holiday Bags, Tags and Boxes CS is what I would have to choose. Thank you for the chance! And congrats to CG!!

    7. Francine perri Says:

      So many things I could make with all of these items. Would love to win

    8. Kim R Says:

      I love Krampus! Would be to make a Christmas Krampus project

    9. Jo Says:

      Love the Krampus themes!! This is awesome!

    10. Barb macaskill Says:

      Angels of course! Love this good/evil creation!
      Funny story about Krampus. Last year I was watching Krampus videos on YouTube and my then 4 year old granddaughter came and snuggled on my lap. I never gave a thought to what I was watching and kept watching numerous videos. Later that night when she was almost asleep, she suddenly sat up and said that she wanted me to keep Krampus away from the bedroom and her. I assured her that Krampus wouldn’t bother her because she is a good girl.
      Nothing more was said until the other night when she was cuddling before going to sleep. She looked super sad and I asked her what was wrong. She then asked me what the mean monsters name was and I had no idea what she was talking about. She explained to me that she meant the meany who eats naughty boys and girls. I immediately knew who she meant with that information and told her so.
      She then informed me that she knew that if he came and tried to get her that I would turn him inside out and kick his butt because she knows that I would never let her get hurt and that I am so strong that nobody will get by me to touch her! She then yelled to Krampus to bring it on because she wants to see him get his butt kicked!
      What a wonderful feeling to hear her say that she feels totally safe when I am near! I love this little girl with my whole heart ❤️!
      TFS! congratulations to CG on the win of Sunday’s prize package!

    11. Jen R Says:

      I am definitely a demon girl.. Krampus is the best holiday figure ever! so, I guess that would be my choice? LOL

    12. Laurie staffaroni Says:

      Angels of course. They are watching over us. Love the new cute charms!!!

    13. Anne W Says:

      The Angels and Saints images are lovely but so are the Baby It’s Cold Outside images and the Christmas Cuties. I can’t decide!

    14. Jean Marmo Says:

      So many fun ideas!Love the ideas of ghosts of Christmases past.

    15. Karen Mallory Says:

      Fun! I would choose Santa Baby!

    16. Kat Cashwell Says:

      I love Krampus – what fun !!!!!

    17. Emily N Says:

      I like the Santas Village Collage Sheet

    18. Michelle Says:

      I love Krampus, but I think I would choose the Victorian Angels!

    19. Carla Says:

      Angels and saints! But love the demons too

    20. Barb A Says:

      Definitely angels, angels & more angels….can’t get enough of them…..Need to keep Krampus away!!

    21. Kimberly Says:

      It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas!!!

    22. Kim Lucak Says:

      Ooooh the Christmas collage, so many choices…the angels are great too! Thank you and we are rejoicing in the celebration of Christmas!!!!

    23. Sylvia L Says:

      Angels and saints, but it’s a tough decision. Both of the houses are amazing.

    24. sheila AR Says:

      I love both these projects today. The house of eerie ghosts are very fun to think about coming upon in the forest…and I have to say Rhonda’s Krampus house had me chortling with glee…should I feel guilty about that??! Yes, what IS behind those pretty facades? I wanna make a house too!! Fabulous job girls!! The collage sheet I would choose would be the Original Krampus. Thanks for all the great stuff and Happy Holidays everyone!

    25. Judy Goodwin Says:

      I definetly go for angels. I have a whole list of pages I want but I like Santa’s village a lot.

    26. Mary Mac Says:

      Tis the Christmas season I would have to pic the angels for the House and make it Angelic instead of haunted.

    27. Janet Turner Says:

      Great ideas, as always. I would love to have the Christmas colage sheets.

    28. Elizabeth Carpeneter Says:

      Very cute

    29. Rena Says:

      So many wonderful Christmas designs! I especially love the Christmas collage sheets, and the Santas are my favorite.

    30. Kee Ostler Says:

      Oh I love your Christmas sheets! Especially the Vintage Christmas Tiny box dioramas.

    31. Nancy E Says:

      If I had to choose it would be Christmas or angels please!

    32. Laural Says:

      What a super way to display Krampus! I would love to try this.