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    Alice’s Buffet, Cats and ABCs

    Filed under Art Projects, Giveaways, Lora Mahaffey, Miniatures, Newsletters, Rubber Stamps, Sale

    What a charming, unique miniature buffet Design Team Member Lora Mahaffey
    has made out of an unfinished wooden piece of dollhouse furniture!

    If I were Alice, I’d probably have rather interesting tastes in furniture. Definitely things with character and charm.

    Quirky and unique.

    Maybe some hand-painted things that are one-of-a-kind. Like this fun little number, the Large Wooden Buffet

    Lora has posted tons of photos showing how to prep an unfinished wood buffet, and how to paint a floral scene, so be sure to visit her blog post.

    And there’s a chance to win one of the buffets (and a bunch of related mushroom items) below in the Giveaway. (And don’t forget the Fairy-Themed Sale and FREE Gift! Scroll down for a reminder with photos.)

    AND between here and there, there are a bunch of new cats & kittens… and new (and back in stock) alphabet rubber stamp sets!


    Ending TOMORROW: New Sale and New FREE Gift — All About Fairies!

    Everything in the Fairies Collage Sheets section is on sale at 50% off — the sale ends MONDAY night, April 9th.

    30 options, including the English Fairy Garden Collage Sheet at right (also used in Nichola’s project in Thursday’s newsletter).

    Go check it out!

    And there’s a new Fairy Charm Mini Gift Kit!! You’ll receive ONE of the new Chipboard Fairy Door Charms (normally sold in sets of 2) AND a custom mini collage sheet (shown at left) with tiny fairies that could be used inside! Note: the images are 1″ x 1″ size, so could also work with 25mm diameter settings or cabs, too.

    FREE with ALL orders, now through Monday night, April 9 (2018)! More info

    Hooray for the Mushrooms for Your Buffet Giveaway!

    Lora is so talented! She includes a mini tutorial on how to paint mushrooms and flowers in her blog post, like that close-up at left.

    So in addition to a Large Wooden Buffet (!), I decided to pick out some mushrooms for this Giveaway:
    - First, that English Fairy Garden Collage Sheet shown above from the sale reminder
    - Then the Alice Plays Croquet Collage Sheet that Lora used in the center spot where the mirror would normally be (the collage sheet has some single mushrooms on it, too)
    - A Ceramic Red Amanita Mushroom Bead (on clearance!)
    - Some smaller 3D Resin Mushrooms
    - Some red spun-cotton mushrooms
    - And not a mushroom at all, but a Mini Ceramic Garden Gnome Bead!

    To enter the Mushrooms for Your Buffet Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY or TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, Monday Night, April 9, 2018).

    AND tell me: Painted mushrooms? Paper mushrooms from a collage sheet? 3D mushrooms? What would you put in a buffet garden scene?

    Don’t forget to leave your (hello!) correct email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

    Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

    After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via Random.org).

    Hey, who won the Winged Fairy Giveaway from Thursday’s newsletter? That would be Angela C! Congrats! Check your email for info.

    Posted by Leslie, April 8th, 2018

    56 Responses to “Alice’s Buffet, Cats and ABCs”

    1. Nadine Says:

      I do miniature scenes so I like the 3d mushrooms the most. I love the little buffet though and can see that in many different settings!

    2. Alexis Mills Says:

      I would definitely use the the 3D mushrooms I would want the scene to be realistic as possible. I have already fallen for the wood buffet, it is so detailed and has so many possibilities!

    3. Amy Says:


    4. Gerri Says:

      I would you the 3D mushrooms. Wonderful giveaway!

    5. Jean Marmo Says:

      Love the mushrooms. We would normally be hunting them this time of year but the weather is not cooperating. These would be fun!

    6. Denise Bryant Says:

      Wow… Lora’s painted buffet is fabulous! I’d try my hand at painting some mushrooms! Love the Fairy Door Charm and all those cute kitties too!

    7. Monica Gabehart Says:

      I would use collage and 3d mushrooms.

    8. Jo Says:

      I love the little tabby cats! The buffet is beautiful – i never thought of painting a miniature like that – what an awesome idea!

    9. Peggy D Says:

      Lora’s buffet is adorable! I really love her work. Painted mushrooms although I would have a basket of 3-D mushrooms on one of the shelves. Wonderful giveaway :-)

    10. Ann F. Says:

      I love making miniature altered boxes. The mushrooms would be fun to use. The painted buffet is incredible!

    11. Maxine Kincora Says:

      This is amazing!

    12. Traci Says:

      Love all the cute new kitty items-I never can have too many cats. The buffet is perfect for a miniature curio cabinet. Love the Alice in Wonderland theme. >^..^<

    13. Daphne Says:

      Adorable! Paper mushrooms for me!

    14. Barb A Says:

      The painted mushrooms and flowers are wonderful. That’s the way I would go. They are too adorable. Love the buffet. It’s beautiful!

    15. Barb macaskill Says:

      I would put 3D, painted and Paper mushrooms in my buffet garden scene! That way I will be able to get lots of depth from layering!
      I would be so fairy excited to get the coveted email saying I won this lovely prize package! Thanks for the chance to!

    16. wilczek lori Says:

      I love the garden buffet. I would paint and use 3D mushrooms for my garden buffet.

    17. Marykay chisum Says:

      3d! They are so cute. Maybe one side makes you taller and one side makes you smaller?

    18. Dianna Says:

      I would love to have a chance to win the buffet with 3D mushrooms.

    19. Debbie S. Says:

      Congrats Angela! Lora did an amazing job on the buffet. The kitties and mushrooms are cute too. I would probably put all the various types of mushrooms. Thanks for the chance to win such a fun giveaway.

    20. Andrea Pretlow Says:

      Gnomes and mushrooms on a buffet! What could be better? Lora’s buffet is so freaking adorable!

    21. Lisa C. Says:

      These mushrooms are perfect for the fairy garden scene I’ve been working on!

    22. francine perri Says:

      love the garden theme def 3d mushrooms

    23. Kim lucak Says:

      Love gardening!!! A mini garden :)

    24. Karen Mallory Says:

      I love this buffet! I would use paper cutout mushrooms. I like to fussy cut! Then maybe use the 3-D ones for a mini garden in on of those metal bowls!

    25. Kat Cashwell Says:

      This is adorable !! I would have to try all the different mushrooms ! I love all the cats!! 😺

    26. Dawn Says:

      I would use 3 dimensional mushrooms to decorate the buffet for a fairy kitchen.

    27. Jen R Says:

      Laura did a beautiful job! I love dimension but her painted shrooms are so cute! I vote for both!

    28. Rebecca R. Says:

      Oh this is Awesome! I would use the 3d mushrooms!

    29. Daylan Says:

      Lora is talented! Fairies and mushrooms and Alice, oh my! I would use 3D mushrooms in the foreground and painted mushrooms in the background and fairies in a mixed media assemblage (not necessarily for buffet). It would go into a Midsummer Night’s Dream project.

    30. Laural Says:

      My first Grand baby on his way In August. I would love to make a keepsake for him with this buffet!

    31. Carla Says:

      I love anything Alice! I would have to do the mushroom theme and use paper and resin mushrooms!

    32. Bonnie Baity Says:

      I definitely would use the 3D mushrooms.May also use them in my fairy garden this summer:)

    33. Debra Young Says:

      Nice new buffet and Lora did a beautiful job on it. Don’t think I have steady enough hands. The new kittens are cute. Hope to see them used in a project.

    34. Judith Kirchner Says:

      I LOVE the buffet. I could pretend that my buffet would look exactly like that, but it would definitely look like one of my cats had done it.

    35. Pattie Walters Says:

      Alice is my namesake. Today is my birthday. I would love this b’day gift!

    36. Angela C Says:

      Painted mushrooms on buffet and maybe 3D on shelf. Beautiful buffet! Love the little cat in box would love to see it in a miniature setting.

    37. Laura Norman Says:

      I think I would go with painted mushrooms with maybe a little snail. 3D also sounds fun so would find someplace to use a bit of that in details.

    38. Susan M L Says:

      Wow! Beautiful buffet! I would go with painted and paper mushrooms on the buffet, and use the 3D mushrooms and gnome in a little garden scene in a pocket watch! How cute are those little kitties!

    39. LeAnn Says:

      All of them! I love mushrooms!

    40. Cg Says:

      3D AND painted!!! Lora tutorial is amazing! I love this piece!!!

    41. Sheila AR Says:

      This buffet is amazing!! I would definitely paint some mushrooms, and then I love the idea of some 3D ones used sprouting somewhere else on the piece.

    42. Janet Turner Says:

      I love all things Alice! he 3D mushrooms are beautiful. I would definitely use them in a scene.

    43. Gretchen Says:

      Oh !the painted mushrooms are so very delicate and cute.
      Perfect for furniture.

    44. Lana Says:

      This is magical! I love the 3D mushrooms…speaking of mushrooms, they are my favorite veggie!

    45. Nancy E Says:

      I would definitely paint the mushrooms onto the buffet and then create an accent with a 3D mushroom on the bottom shelf!

    46. Michelle G Says:

      Love this! Absolutely adorable! I would put some little painted mushrooms.

    47. Rhonda Sihocky Says:

      I love the the painted mushrooms. So traditional in Germany. I would use them everywhere with some of my husbands grandmothers German knick-knacks.

    48. K Toews Says:

      I would make a spring garden bench.

    49. Kimberly Says:

      3D ‘shrooms 😄

    50. Birgit Says:

      My buffet garden scene would definitely become something Halloween-y with mushrooms! :) By the way, if I happen to be the lucky winner, I would love to win for my friend Kim from Austin. :)

      Lots of greetings from Germany,

    51. Mary Mac Says:

      I would love the painted mushrooms on the buffet and the 3D in a pot.

    52. Anne W Says:

      I can’t stand mushrooms in real life but the 3d ones would be very cute in a Spring scene.

    53. Diana bittaker Says:

      I would definitely have painted and 3D mushrooms in. My scene!
      That hutche is just fabulous- I can see it decorated in so many ways- especially for witche’s brew!

    54. Laurie staffaroi Says:

      The hutch is awesome. Mushrooms complete the project!

    55. Carol Slowik Says:

      Love the hutch! I would use the paper mushrooms.

    56. Laura callies Says:

      The spun cotton mushrooms are my favorite