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    New Ribbon Set and First Giveaway

    Filed under Contests/Winners, Giveaways, New Products, Sale

    New and On Sale! How sweet is that?

    Lavender/Blue Ribbon Set
    A pretty set for Spring. 8 yards total:

    1 yard of 1/8″ pink ribbon w/center stitching

    2 yards of a tinsel-y, furry cord in shades of lavender, light yellow and blue.

    1 yard of 7/16″ dusty lavender grosgrain (also available by the yard)

    1 yard of 1-1/2″ wide, wired, dusty pink (mauve?) satin with a moire pattern down the center.

    1 yard of 9/16″ grey blue rayon seam binding (also available separately)

    1 yard of 3/8″ iridescent lavender/aqua ribbon (also available separately)

    1 yard of 3/16″ lavender w/gold edge (also available by the yard)

    First Daily Giveaway

    Three Valentine’s Day Collage Sheets:

    Two Stickles (antique linen and milled lavender),

    Two yards of beaded fringe (pearl and purple)

    and a sheet of scrapbook paper from the Tattoo Heart 2-Sheet Paper Set

    … all with a lavender hue. Click the photo for a more complete picture.

    Here’s a recap of the Giveaway:

    “When the Cat’s Away…” Daily Giveaways

    Starting on Saturday, December 27, 2008 (through Sunday, January 4th, 2009), I’ll post a Giveaway on the blog every morning, and you’ll have until 11:59pm PST to enter.

    To enter all you’ll have to do is leave a comment on that day’s blog post.

    After midnight I’ll randomly pick the previous day’s winner. I’ll contact the winner via email to get their address info — and I’ll even pay the postage.*

    To get entered twice, post about the Giveaways on your blog and include this badge. Then come back and link to your post in a comment. Please link the badge to http://www.alphastamps.com/blog/.

    *(Sorry, but I’m only offering free shipping domestically. International shipping will still apply.)

    Remember, the shipping staff are on vacation till January 5th. But for sale pricing on new ribbons and/or a free Valentine’s kit, I think you’ll be able to wait.

    So leave me a comment and tell your friends.

    Posted by Leslie, December 27th, 2008

    55 Responses to “New Ribbon Set and First Giveaway”

    1. MJ Says:

      I’d love to have this!

    2. misseskwittys Says:

      Oh yeah!!! A giveaway..and from one of my very favorite places!! Please toss my name in the hat ♥♥
      Smiles, Karen

      contact via Etsy


    3. vickiet Says:

      I just love lavenders and blues! What a marvelous way to end 2008 and begin 2009.
      Thank you ladies :)


    4. misseskwittys Says:

      Hi again Leslie–I’ve blogged about your giveaway here

      Hope you get lots of new visitors!
      Smiles, Karen

    5. Elaine Allen Says:

      Hi Leslie -
      Hope you enjoyed (and are still enjoying) your Holidays? What yummy colors those ribbons are, and the give aways is equally as scrumptious.

      Happy New Year!

    6. dragonfairie Says:

      I love those ribbons, so pretty!
      I have linked here http://www.insanedaze.wordpress.com

    7. Kathleen Says:

      Hi Leslie…I love your web site and all your products so I am thrilled about this giveaway! I’ve blogged about your giveaway here http://www.ruralmainelife.blogspot.com . Thanks so much, Kathleen

    8. roc Says:

      your ribbons are always awesome!
      i’ve blogged your give away at: http://www.whatsuproc.blogspot.com

    9. debbyb Says:

      What a lovely giveaway. The ribbon is gorgeous.

    10. Peggy Says:

      Love give-a-ways – this is a great way to round out the year and begin the happy new year!

    11. postalorphan Says:

      Wow, what a fabulous giveway!! Count me in – I’ll post to my blog as well.

    12. postalorphan Says:

      And here is the link in my blog:



    13. tiffany22 Says:

      I was checking these Valentine sheets yesterday.I’d Love to win these. Sign me up please.
      Thanks Lynn

    14. lucyatsweetprepeats Says:

      Love your site–found you through Karen :) Lots of goodies!!

    15. lindaf Says:

      What lovely colors in the ribbon set and what a wonderful giveaway! I’ve added the link to my blog here:


    16. studiorose Says:

      This is such a lovely and generous give-away. If I win, I’ll have no choice but to join the Valentine tag swap! (I already have the Maya Road chipboard tags.) Can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow. :)

    17. tiffany22 Says:

      I left a comment on my blog about your giveaway.its here at
      Thanks Lynn

    18. craftydame Says:

      what a lovely package! lavender is a colour i haven’t used as much of as i should, it’s so gorgeous. thanks for the inspiration!

      i’ve blogged about today’s giveaway here – http://craftydame.blogspot.com/2008/12/alpha-stamps-giveaway.html
      i had to go wandering through the site and mention a few other things, of course!

      (i’m assuming i don’t need to add my e-mail address because it’s in my profile and on my blog, but if i should put it here as well, please let me know!)

    19. whatwasithinking Says:

      a very romantic looking giveaway.


    20. groggyfroggy Says:

      Whew, I think I made it. Thanks to Mrs. Kwitty! Love all your stuff!

    21. cmoh Says:

      Oh Wow Leslie…these are GREAT items! I’ve never used any Sticklers before but they look right up my alley…all glittery and all ;0

      hope you get a lot of entries!

      Contact me at ouztshay@yahoo.com

    22. ratgirl Says:

      Lavender blue, dilly dilly
      Lavender green.
      If I were king, dilly dilly
      You’d be my queen…

      Anyone else’s grandmother sing this song to them when they were little. Apparently it was a Burl Ives song from some old Disney movie. Anyway, now it’s stuck in my head. :)

      Thanks for doing these giveaways!


    23. dpquiltsca Says:

      My blog is down right now, otherwise I would promote this blog….
      THANKS so much for this opportunity!

    24. helen mckinney Says:

      Well first, you all are so sweet to have a give away.
      What a wonderful package you have put together, cupids, stickles in new to me colors, dangle fringe, and all the rest. What fun it would be for the winner.
      You ladies are the best!
      I do love the ribbons, they are so beautiful on the tags you have in the gallery.
      Thanks for doing this.

    25. iluvlucy8 Says:

      What a great giveaway!
      I love your shop!

    26. sueirvine2000 Says:

      I’d love to be a winner!! sueirvine@comcast.net

    27. Vicki Foster Says:

      I love Alpha Stamps & the give away makes it that much better (if that’s possilbe). Thank you for sharing with us.


    28. frenchmum Says:

      would love to have these little lovelies!

    29. SusieT Says:

      What a fabulous give-away – thank you…. I have my fingers crossed….. Cheers, Sue

    30. Jane Says:

      Thanks for offering us such wonderful goodies. You are such generous business folks. The best in the New Year for you. Maybe I will be one of the lucky ones!!!!!

    31. marthafranklin Says:

      While the cats are away…
      I want to play….
      With all of these wonderful collage sheets …
      Because they are so neat !!!


    32. craftdesigns Says:

      Add my name to the list of ‘I Wanna Be A Winner!’

      Nancy Ward

    33. Jane Says:

      What wonderful giveaways. Maybe I will be one of the lucky ones. Thanks for your generosity!!! Jane

    34. Jan Says:

      Roses are red, violets are blue
      a giveaway a day is fabu from you!!

      Jan W (akaLunaMoonbeam)


    35. lorhen82 Says:

      Pretty purple giveaway! Sign me up!


    36. kerstenak Says:

      What wonderful goodies for a giveaway! Please toss my name in the hat! :) Happy New Year!


    37. amyfaerie Says:

      so nice! what a treat!

      thank you! amyfaerie@mac.com

    38. cabeaumont Says:

      Love the cupids!
      Please put my name in the hat.

    39. wme133 Says:

      These are terrific!
      Love giveaways!!
      Thank You.
      Wanda wme133@yahoo.com

    40. gayl Says:

      Lordy, lordy …. please count me in! What sweethearts y’all are to have a giveaway and what a sweet giveaway it is! Thank you!

    41. Rett Says:

      You’re very generous. The collage sheets are adorable…I hope I win! I’ve also left a post about Alpha Stamps Giveaway at my blog http://retta519.wordpress.com)…so I have two chances at winning…yay! Thanks!

    42. Donnell Says:

      I love these goodies. Please include me in the giveaway.


    43. craftirn Says:

      What a fun giveaway. These items will definately get used in projects!

    44. Marie H. Says:

      These are so pretty! Could definitely use them :)


    45. wcbchc Says:

      Oh, this is fun!! TOYS, for adults :) I LOVE to come to your site to dream and relax and be inspired. Thanks for providing all this great STUFF! haha

    46. wcbchc Says:

      Oops, I guess I forgot my email address, not sure if it adds it automatically?

    47. lesterann Says:

      What a lovely valentine kit; you are very good to us!

      Leslie H. – smileydaisycat@msn.com

    48. Pamela Blais Says:

      Fun! Just love the chance to win wonderful stuff! (Still going to put in an order soon, though!)

    49. Pamela Blais Says:

      Ooops! Guess it says to add email, too.


    50. Larry R. Says:

      Hey, I could actually get a headstart on Valentine’s Day! We stamping husbands (yes, a rare breed) aren’t allowed to buy cards, you know…

      Larry punwitmail@yahoo.com

    51. kinueko Says:

      LOVE this! Thanks for sharing. This is something right out of my wish list! ;) Also posted about it here:

    52. JoAnn R Says:

      Wow, wee. what pretty valentines postcards and collage sheets. Please count me in too.

    53. cornw@midtel.net Says:

      Am just getting into all of this. Looks wonderful….I’m in for sure. Anxious to get started. Thanks-

    54. LuniLadi Says:

      YES…Spring! Could I be lucky enough to win this one? Hope so

    55. carajv Says:

      My Momma really want this givaway…Pretty PWEASE with a cherry on top!! Thank u:)