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    Oh my ears and whiskers! It’s an Alice Giveaway!

    Filed under Alice in Wonderland, Giveaways

    Note: most of the links on this post no longer work, as we moved to a new Web site in 2018. But you can try searching on the same names (as links below) on the new site.

    And what a Giveaway it is! Here at Alpha Stamps we all love Alice in Wonderland, so we decided to give away some things to accompany the new Alice Swap (quick! sign ups due October 9, 2011)!

    Running around, mad as hatters, we gathered some of our favorite Alice-themed things, starting with 4 collage sheets: I Wonder, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party #2, Alice Herself and Tenniel’s Alice, which go curiously well with these 2 delicious scrapbook papers: Chocolate Lover Embossed Paper (yum!) and Summer Picnic Scrapbook Paper. Keeping with the cake theme, we have 1 yard of scrumptious Blue Cake Ribbon. Other paper goods included are the charming Love Games Whatnots and the lovely Cottage Garden Journal Tag Pad.

    Next up, in honor of The Queen, we have 1/2 Inch Red Paper Roses (no red paint needed!), 1 yard of Satin Cut-Out Heart Ribbon and 2 beautiful 18mm Antique Gold Heart Charms.

    And where would Alice be without the White Rabbit? We tip our giant hats to him with 1 set of Antique Gold Rabbit Beads.

    Lastly, we have found some oldies (and sold out!) but goodies to throw in! First we have 3 Alice charms: 1 each of gold and silver “Drink Me” tags and 1 “We Are All Mad Here” charms! Next is 1 bottle of Worn Lipstick Stickles Glitter Glue, which would make yummy looking frosting on the Sweet Cupcakes Scrapbook Paper. And last we have a Wonderful Pig Clear Stamp (mostly because he is super cute!).

    To enter all you’ll have to do is leave a comment on this blog post. Please include your email address so we can contact you if you win!*

    You’ll have until 11:59pm PST on October 9th to enter. There will be 1 winner.

    We’ve been getting a lot of odd spam lately, so your comments will be moderated before they are posted (so don’t fret if your comment does not show up immediately).

    You want more chances to win? Get entered twice by posting about this Giveaway on your blog. Don’t forget to come back and link to your post in a comment so we know to include your extra entry.

    Thanks for playing and good luck!

    *Sorry, but we’re only offering free shipping domestically. International shipping will still apply.

    Posted by Leslie, September 17th, 2011

    127 Responses to “Oh my ears and whiskers! It’s an Alice Giveaway!”

    1. Brenda Lubrant Says:

      I just love all of your products, especially your vintage collages. I just love Alice in Wonderland, and it looks like you have really put a great kit together. Thank you so much for giving all of us a chance to win.

    2. Barbara M Says:

      Thanks for the great giveaway. I adore anything Alice.

    3. Janet Ghio Says:

      What a wonderful giveaway!

    4. Barb J Says:

      Alice rocks! Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway!!

    5. Linda D. Says:

      Wow! I just had an Alice in Wonderland dream last night – how weird a coincidence is that? Yes, please enter my name for the giveaway! Thanks for always offering such inspiring raw materials. I LOVE your emails and blog.

    6. Rose Cavalli Says:

      Alice is always a favorite-thanks for the giveaway!

    7. Carole Kurth Says:

      What an amazing prize! I would be thrilled to win.

    8. Kristina Says:

      Oooo-how wonderful is THIS giveaway?? Thanks for the chance to win!!

    9. Diana Kelly Says:

      Your Mad Hatters Tea Party was what inspired me to do my first swap. I have enjoyed being a part of Alpha Stamps’s yahoo group. Thanks for the chance to win these great items. :)

    10. Sandi Cotroneo Says:

      What a delightful collection you’ve put together for a giveaway! I’m especially “mad” for rabbits, and would love to win.

    11. Connie Says:

      Alice is enchanting and so is this giveaway!!

    12. Carolyn Says:

      Thank you for the chance to win these fab goodies!

    13. Traci Adiego Says:

      I would love to win Alice-please enter me in the giveaway. I love to shop Alpha stamps-lots of unusual items not found anywhere else-thanks so much!!

    14. Alexandra Halidisz Says:

      One of my favorite themes! Happy for this giveaway, thank you!

    15. Phyllis Galloway Says:

      The unending supply of total coolness coming from Alpha Stamps never ceases to amaze! All the Alice stuff takes me back to kidhood!

    16. Sherry Oliver Says:

      This looks like so much fun to experiment with and maybe even have a tea party with some of my friends so we can play creatively together. I’m still trying to figure out how to get in on the swap itself. Would love to win these items and all the inspiration they bring. :)

    17. Claire Says:

      Yum! I love my Alice. Thanks for the possibilities!

    18. Nancy S. Says:

      So in love with everything Alice every since I played Alice in the 6h grade play. Thanks for this opportunity!

    19. Sandra B. Says:

      I love Alice in Wonderland. Thank you for the chance to win neat stuff.

    20. lindaschiffer Says:

      I do so enjoy reading your blog entries! What fun to have a give-away … and Alice, too! Color me excited.

      :) Linda

    21. Lynn Brown Says:

      Cheshire Cat says “We’re all mad here.”
      I am MAD about Alpha Stamps theme collections, they are always the best… Fall is a perfect time for an ‘Alice’ Tea Party. Thanks

    22. Ink-Pattie Fulton Says:

      what an awesome giveaway! Looking forward to the swap and to the winner announcement!

    23. KimMJ Says:

      Thanx for the chance to win such awesome goodies!

    24. Nicole Harding Says:

      Love the new giveaway!!! BTW, my most recent order arrived Friday, and I felt like Christmas came! Love opening a box from Alpha Stamps! :)

    25. BB Says:

      Great products, wonderful contest!

    26. Rhea Says:

      I love Alice! What a wonderful suite of goodies to offer to your customers. Thanks for the chance to win.

    27. michele s Says:

      oh, the best of all give-aways! please count me twice — i’m about to post to my blog right now! many thanks. xo

    28. Sara A Says:

      I love Alice in Wonderland. Thank you for the chance! ^^

    29. trisha too Says:

      Now that is a delightful lot of goodies, what a sweet collection! Thank you for offering them up, and giving us the opportunity!


    30. Lindy Says:

      What a fabulous giveaway! I love Alice. Thank you!!!

    31. Jingle Says:

      Wow! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway! I love ALICE!!!! jinglesells at gmail dot com

    32. Rebecca Says:

      I am a novice and just love the ideas you inspire. Thank you for the opportunity to grow and learn.

    33. Carol W. Says:

      Oh I would love love the chance to win this: Alice = MY FAV! thank you for the chance!
      clworkman4 at gmail dot com

    34. Carol W. Says:

      Post on my blog – thank you again for the chance to win this fabulous giveaway!
      clworkman4 at gmail dot com


    35. Landys Bradley Says:

      I simply love any Alice themed stuff… and am hosting my 40th Unbirthday party this weekend…so it’s great timing!

    36. Babe O'Mara Says:

      I love anything Alice. Thanks for a chance to win this fabulous giveaway.


    37. Celina Matthews Says:

      oooh…oooh….me! me! Pick me! I love everything Alice in Wonderland and those goodies are making me drool!


    38. 2amscrapper Says:

      great give-away! I love all things Alice!

    39. Jean-Bean Says:

      Alice in Wonderland vintage style is my absolute favorite!!! I would love to win on my Unbirthday.

    40. Bunnyfreak Says:

      What a great batch of goodies.

    41. Bunnyfreak Says:

      I posted about this on my blog

    42. Vickie Says:

      Everything is scrumptious, but I am mesmerized by the cute Pig…I have been out of sorts, but if the pig makes me smile that’s good enough for me! My blog is resting for a while ;)

    43. becky d. Says:

      What fun! All the supplies look so wonderful!

    44. susan s. Says:

      How fun and wonderful..look at all the goodies to play with alpha takes care of the deepest part of my imagination.

    45. Sandy Says:

      OMG what a stunning Alice giveaway.
      I love Alice in Wonderland. So great stash.
      Please put my name in the hat. I´ve crossed my fingers.

    46. Debra Beight Says:

      I believe I actually drooled when I saw this….as I posted on my blog….nothing less than AWESOMESAUCE!

    47. Debra Beight Says:

      Ooops…helps if I include it :-)

    48. Gina Ziegler Says:

      As always, your ever changing, always fabulous array of products gets my creative mojo cooking!!! LOVE the new swap idea, and all ideas posted here!!!

    49. Lauren Shelley Says:

      I love Alice but my best friend loves it more!! All this stuff would be great to make her something wonderful for christmas!!

    50. Holly Jackson Says:

      Ooooh I love Alice in Wonderland too! It reminds me of being young! Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!

      makingjesusfamous at yahoo dot com

    51. Retta Says:

      Awesome giveaway! I’m going to double my chances of winning, because I just spread the word over at my blog. I may have overdone it though…you be the judge…LOL. Thanks!


    52. francine vorbeck Says:

      WOW! you are not kidding, what a giveaway this is! I will post on my blog as well!
      Thanks for this opportunity

    53. Slavena Says:

      Alice in Wonderland is my favorite! :)

    54. Pamela Palmarini Says:

      I have loved everything Alice since I was a small child!

    55. Dawn Tucker Says:

      You always have so many creative ideas, I enjoy opening every newsletter! But I think Alice is my fave. Way to go! Way COOL!

    56. Alice Hancock Says:

      I love the ideas you post and the products you sell – Always inspire me to make my own creations!

    57. Mavis L. (auntmaymay1221) Says:

      I absolutely love the Alice things I bought from you last year!!!!! Yay, me! May be it that I win!

    58. teri steele Says:

      I just had to try and enter when I saw the cute pig stamp! I am piggy obsessed! What a great give-a-way you have going oodles of fun stuff thanks for doing these things & making it fun and entertaining for our alphastamps group, I have truly enjoyed youe company, products and swaps these last 2 years.

    59. Ritva Says:

      Again a fun and fancy giveaway. Lucky me, if i win…

    60. Becky deVries-Wong Says:

      Oh splendid! I hope I am a lucky girl and win the Alice give a way! I love all of these fun little pieces so much.

    61. Gail Smith Says:

      What a fantastic giveaway, all those wonderful product. Please pick me LOL

    62. julie benge Says:

      “You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant” Whoops!! Wrong Alice!
      This Alice collection is just Fine!

    63. kyla kahn Says:

      love everything
      but the cupcake ribbon yummy !!!!

    64. Anjel Says:

      AAAH! What a lovely chance for anyone to win! Thank you, thank you :)

    65. Evelyn Says:

      Who DOESN’t love Alice?
      “Go ask Alice… I think she knows…”
      What a generous giveaway. Thank you for this opportunity!

    66. Chris Guppy Says:

      I love all of these! Alice is my favorite – and I always think of her in the fall. I wonder why. Hm… Curiouser….

    67. Michele Kaplan Says:

      What a wonderful giveaway! I love all things Alice!!! Thanks for offering this giveaway!!!

    68. Lucy Edmondson Says:

      What am amazing giveaway! Thank you for giving us this chance. I am a huge Alice fan,

      Lucy x

    69. Sharon Bolmey Says:

      How fun, thanks for your creative promotions!!

    70. Donna Mundinger Says:

      OMG!!! Im a HUGE Alice fan! What a fab giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance to win. Keeping fingers crossed. Nice to know you’re so close. I’m in Livermore. xxD dlmundinger(at)Yahoo(dot)com

    71. Marva Plummer-Bruno Says:

      Oh how cool!!! I love the Alice theme! Please put my name in the hat!

    72. Amy Baldwin Says:

      What a great giveaway! My boys were the Mad Hatter & the Rabbit last year. These goodies would be perfect with their pictures! Thanks for the chance! :)

    73. Nan H Says:

      What a coinkydink…or is it? I just finished watching Alice in Wonderland a la Johnny Depp(oooh la la!!)as I read the newsletter about the AIW swap and give-away. Looks like a good/great omen to me :). I have loved Alice since my Grandmother gave me her Alice books to read when I was a pre-teen and still have those books 35+ years later. Thank you for this chance to win!

    74. Victoria Sturdevant Says:

      Fantastic giveaway! Always a AiW fan!

    75. Jeanie Panagakos Says:

      also have a page on facebook:http://www.facebook.com/pages/ZazzlecomStorybookVillage/241416785897498

      I had to hurry couldn’t be late to enter this contest on a very important date! Love that Alice, White Rabbit and more, Now where’s that key to open the door?

      Jeanie Panagakos

    76. Lynn Tippetts Says:

      I’ve loved ‘Alice in Wonderland’ for over 60 years, and I adore your products!

    77. Lauren Shelley Says:

      I posted about this great giveaway on Twitter, http://twitter.com/#!/Lolo_

    78. Melanie Says:

      I love the Alice giveaway! It would be great to scrap my daughter dressed as Alice for Halloween! Thanks for the chance!

    79. Charlotte Stratton Says:

      Thank you for these great products!

    80. Alli Collins Says:

      A giveaway like this is like the icing on a cake to an already amazing site!

    81. Jo Says:

      oh please count me in!!! I love Alice!!!

    82. Sandi Christen Says:

      I love everything Alice, by Alpha Stamps.
      I am crossing my fingers and toes lol

    83. WENDY Says:


    84. wendy Says:

      I love the alice papers!! And I feel like donkey in Shrek…PICK ME PICK ME!!!

    85. Paulette Lancaster Says:

      Yes, Please add my name to your lovely giveaway!!!

    86. bobbie Says:

      What a drooliscious giveaway!!! Please include me in!

    87. Rhiannon Says:

      I am the biggest alice in wonderland fan! Anything Alice related I love hehe. This would be such an awesome giveaway to win!!


    88. renee stien Says:

      What a great giveaway, thanks for the chance.

    89. mercedes scott Says:

      Oh, how lovely to see all the fab Alice items you’ve gathered for your giveaway… someone is going to be very happy (hopefully ME!). Please throw my name in the hat :)

    90. Debi Ryan Says:

      Wow! what an amazing give away stash, please pop my name in the mad hatters hat :-) Debi x

    91. Diana O'Cobhthaigh Says:

      I love Alice and started an altered book in the Alice Theme last year with only 4 more spreads to complete … maybe some Alice inspired bits and pieces is just what I need to completed it. Diana

    92. Robin Parker Says:

      What great papers and embellishments! I would love ot win this and create with your products! Thanks! Robin

    93. Amy Jo Says:

      What a wonderful opportunity for all.
      Thanks you,I’d love to win !

    94. Tabitha Says:

      I’d so LOVE to win! Thanks!

    95. Meri Wiley Says:

      I would just love to win all these goodies, and I would definitely put them to good use! Thank you for the opportunity!


    96. Tabitha Says:

      I posted about the giveaway. Thanks! http://kluckingbear.blogspot.com/2011/10/alice-giveaway-at-alpha-stamps.html

    97. trisha too Says:

      Borrowed your picture to post and linked up this fun Alice giveaway!


    98. Deedles Says:

      I love anything Alice and you have some great products!

    99. Victoria Homan Says:

      Thanks for the great giveaway.

    100. Marilyn B. Hughes Says:

      AWESOME GIVEAWAY! I would love to win all these goodies. Just found your blog through Artfully Musing and am signing up to follow.


    101. Alice H Says:

      With a name like mine, of course I collect everything Alice, so this would be fabulous! Thank you for the chance to win.

    102. Elaine Paullus Says:

      I love Alice thanks for the great giveaway! You rock,

    103. Kate Says:

      I am just getting ready to do an altered book with a Tea theme. This set would be awesome! Hope I win. Would love to try your products!

    104. Hester Says:

      Oh wow! What a lot of Alice fun!

    105. Amanda Says:

      I quite literally just got finished hanging my set of 6 Alice sketches in our guest bedroom! Then I come across your giveaway- coincidence? I think the fates are trying to say I should win this gorgeous set!!

    106. Amanda Says:

      Posted on my facebook page!


    107. Lynne W Says:

      What an awesome giveaway!! Would love to add these goodies to a min I’m working on!!

    108. Lisa Purcell Says:

      Please consider me for your drawing. :))

    109. Carolyn Says:

      Thanks for the chance to win!

    110. Sandra Dowkes Says:

      Hi, this could be the start of several Alice themes for me. Thanks for the op.

    111. J. Hannaford Says:

      Oh my, what wonderful inspiration. There are more than 6 impossible things to believe before breakfast!

    112. Gina Peake Says:

      I am making a crown-shaped Alice altered book. These treats would be perfect!! Crossing my fingers I win!!!

    113. Jackie Paninski Neal Says:

      Oh my gracious goodness!!! The candy is sooo yummy Please pick me! Thank you so very much for giving us the chance to win such a great treat!:}

    114. Heather Says:

      What a fantastic Alice giveaway!

    115. Kim Clark Says:

      First time on your web site! Very cool! I’ve added it to my favorites!

    116. Jennifer Hernandez Says:

      I absolutely ‘heart’ Alice in Wonderland. Thanks for the chance to win!!

    117. T. Johnson Says:

      Yay! I am so excited to see this before the deadline. Please enter me in the contest. I am just getting brave enough to try my hand at collage art instead of just admiring from afar. I love your Alice package you have put together!

    118. kajira Says:

      awww how wonderful ^_^

    119. Electra Says:

      You always have the most gorgeous items-I adore those little bunnies!
      Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    120. renee logan Says:

      you have the most creative, fun, inspiring blog..love your shop..thanks for the chance to win..

    121. Karen Downs Says:

      Wow! What a great giveaway. Who doesn’t love Alice in Wonderland!! Someone is going to win a great giveaway – maybe I’ll be a lucky winner!

    122. kimber fenili Says:

      Just found your site…way cool! Not sure if I made it in time to enter this great give away!

    123. Cecile Palou Says:

      Please sign me up for the Alice in Wonderland swap Thanks

    124. Connie Lutz Says:

      Love you guys – great products and quick shipping! Thanks for offering the Alice giveaway – Love all things Alice!

    125. Beth Bynum Says:

      Count me in. I’d love to win.

    126. RosA Says:

      What a fabulous stash of Alice goodies!

    127. Jeanne Kelly Says:

      Oh my, my – I’m working on a tea cup shaped and tea themed album for my dear husband. I do believe that fate has brought me here to your blog!