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    Steampunk Tunnel Book, Giveaway & FREE Kit!

    Filed under Art Projects, Giveaways, Newsletters, Sale, Steampunk

    Happy Thursday (and a new month)! I have two projects from the Design Team to share and three FREE offers! AND a related Giveaway!

    First we have a Steampunk Tunnel Book by Shannon Tuttle! Nice work, Shannon! She covered the 4×4 Die-Cut Chipboard Frame Set with embossed copper and added a cover with a porthole made from the lid of a Large Round Tin!

    So based on the supplies Shannon used (including the Birth of the Grand Prix and Round Things Collage Sheets… plus 2 more I threw in for good meaure) and adding a few metal keys (like the keys used as box feet (!) on Nichola Battilana’s shrine, shown below) I’ve put together a Steampunk Giveaway! (More on the Giveaway below.)

    Plus a portion of the Giveaway is available as a Steampunk Mini Gift Kit! See photos below. (Free with all orders over $25 placed through Saturday, August 3rd! Sale items are eligible, too (toward meeting the $25 requirement, but shipping and taxes are not).)

    And a subset of that Gift Kit (the set of 5 papers) will be included in all orders through Saturday (with the normal minimum purchase of $10).

    Note: if your entire order is digital (so no products will be shipped to you) you can get one of the 4 Steampunk-themed Collage Sheets instead (just specify which one you’d like in the comments section when you check out… see below for the list of 4 options). The $10 minimum order requirement will still apply.

    There’s nothing you need to do (no coupon to enter). All orders placed today through Saturday night, August 3rd, will automatically receive one of these free kits!


    Hooray for the Steampunk Giveaway! Beside the wide array of Steampunky goodies in the Giveaway, here’s more details on the Steampunk Mini Gift Kit on offer (also included in the Giveaway package):

    1. A 4″ x 4″ mini paper set, cut from 5 scrapbook papers (all On Sale!):
    - Steampunk Spells – Clockworks Scrapbook Paper
    - Steampunk Spells – Beware Scrapbook Paper
    - Steampunk Spells – Tick-Tock Scrapbook Paper
    - Kraft Reflections Before Your Time Scrapbook Paper
    - Chillingsworth Manor Iron Gate Scrapbook Paper

    2. A mix of brass, copper and bronze gears, washers & findings. Here’s just a few (all On Sale!):
    - Small Brass Gears
    - Finishing Washers
    - Bronze Washers

    (Click on all the photos to see more details.)

    Back to the Giveaway, here are some highlights, including FOUR On Sale! Collage Sheets (and see above for 8 New! items also in the Giveaway):

    - Round Things Collage Sheet (printed on clear stickers, the version that Shannon used)

    - Gauges Collage Sheet

    - Tick Tock Collage Sheet

    - Birth of the Grand Prix Collage Sheet

    - Large Round Tin

    - On Sale! Tiny Glass Spheres in Bottles in two colors:
    Golden Yellow and Brown

    - Clear Domed Acrylic Pebbles (Cabochons) – 3/4″ (they fit the New! 3/4 Inch Round Open Frames)

    - Large Brass Key Charms

    - Chipboard Die-Cut Sprocket Gears

    - Clock Face With Hole

    To enter the Steampunk Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment (below) on this blog post by midnight, August 2, 2013 August 3, 2013 (Friday Saturday night PST). (Don’t forget to leave your email address, too, so I can contact the winner; note, your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.)

    Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

    By Sunday morning’s newsletter, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via Random.org). So make sure to check back Sunday to see who won!

    Posted by Leslie, August 1st, 2013

    176 Responses to “Steampunk Tunnel Book, Giveaway & FREE Kit!”

    1. Elan Auman Says:

      How fun! I love steampunk goodies!

    2. Sandra Golbert Says:

      This is the BEST give=away! I love it.
      I hope I win it because this is the kind of art I love to do.
      Thanks for having such wonderful products.

    3. Theresa Goldman Says:

      Oh my this is a very cool giveaway. One of your best AS!! Love the steampunk goodies, so many to play with, geesh. Good luck to everyone!!!!

    4. Debbie Kaste Says:

      Amazing projects and amazing products! Would be so much fun to win the blog candy and thank you for that chance:)
      d kaste at wi dot rr dot com

    5. Raine Says:

      This stuff is wonderful! I love the steampunk style.

    6. Jen R Says:

      Wow, lovely work Shannon! Thank you AS for the opportunity to win great stuff.

    7. Gra Says:

      Wow!! How I want to win!!!
      It’s a great giveaway!! There is a lot of time I can’t buy anything.
      You always have beautiful things!!

    8. Vickie Says:

      There is something so fascinating about steampunk that draws you in to look at every little detail. As an artist, it allows you a freedom to let things happen.

    9. Darlene Propp Says:

      Wow! I love steampunk. How fun it would be to win this giveaway and then be able to make more steampunk things!

    10. Pat Says:

      What a delightful steampunk tunnel book. Just when I thought I’d seen enough steampunk, you breathe new life into it. Thanks for all the inspiration!

    11. francine perri Says:

      I LOVE Steampunk, I would love to win these items, thanks for the opportunity!!

    12. Marge Luttrell Says:

      Love Steampunk…..Love Alpha Stamps!!!!

    13. Nina Owens Says:

      Be. Still. My. Heart! STEAMPUNK!!! You are speaking my language & style. My mind is whirling with ideas to create!

    14. Jane Klindworth Says:

      What an amazing giveaway, thank you for the chance to win!

    15. bobbie howder Says:

      What a wonderful giveaway! Steampunk rawks!!!

    16. Tina Says:

      I love the porthole!

    17. Audrey Says:

      What a great contest! Thanks!

    18. Jenny Says:

      WOW!! This is taken to a whole other level, I LOVE it!! The keys used as feet is an awesome idea. I have used a lot of things as feet but not keys. Thanks for the great ideas.

    19. Jill Noblitt Says:

      WOW! What a cool give away and inspiring project!

    20. Barbara Ramey Says:

      You have had some really cool givaways but this on could be the best in my opinion!! I love steampunk. Would be so great to get this package in the mail. Thanks for the free kit with orders that was a really unexpected treat. I am having so much fun with the items I have purchased from you site!! Thanks.

    21. Barbara Grandon Says:

      I would love to win the Steampunk giveaway!

    22. Wanda Pilder Says:

      This steampunk set required a lot of work on your part. While many of these items can be found around any crafter home or Michaels, the coordination is amazing! Kudos! Well done!

    23. Christene Hangman Says:

      Love, love, LOVE steam punk! We (my work crew) will be doing a christmas tree for donation in all steam punk!

    24. Carolyn Summers Says:

      The creativity and elements used continues with new items on a regular basis. It would be fantastic to be a winner of the steampunk kit. How exciting is that!

    25. Diane Boom Says:

      Eye candy to my eyes. I love making steampunk art. And I would choose this kit to win. Thank you for the great chance to win this giveaway.

    26. Jackie Says:

      Happy Thursday! I’d love to win this Steampunk giveaway! thank you for the offering!

    27. Pam P Says:

      Go number 26!

    28. Ann Heineck Says:

      WOW, this is fantastic… I hope random picker is in my favor for this giveaway.. thank you for the opportunity :)

    29. Katarinanavane Says:

      If I ever win one of these, I hope it’s this one! Steampunk is the best.

    30. Carol DuBois Says:

      Oh, wow, my favorite theme, Steampunk. A woman can never have too many gears, watch parts, or washers!


    31. Phoebe Diamond Says:

      Oh yeah! That absolutely would fit in with my art. What a treat it would be to win this kit.

    32. Cathie Stone Says:

      This is the coolest giveaway!!! Thanks AlphaStamps!

    33. angelic Says:

      I love steampunk! Thanks for the chance to win.

    34. Connie Zollinger Says:

      All 3 of these projects are awesome. I think Steampunk is so under-rated. It is a great medium and as always you have hit it out of the ball park. I especially love the goggles on the album, and the keys re-purposed for feet on the box. Great job!

    35. Kathy Bumb Says:

      Love your fabulous tutorials and your fantastic store. You have one of the greatest collection of altered art supplies on the internet.

    36. Kay Wilkinson Says:

      This is fantastic!

    37. Jo Says:

      I love steampunk! The books is awesome! Thanks for the giveaway and the free kits – looks like I’ll be shopping!

    38. steph Says:

      Awesome goodies. Would love to work with these. Thanks for the chance to win.

    39. Beverly s Says:

      The AS design team continually amaze me with their imagination and artistry! Another fantastic giveaway!

    40. magdalena Says:

      never done steampunk, looking forward to shop around, tfs

    41. Sharon Whiteley Says:

      I am always so inspired when I come to this website. Love seeing such fun creativity!

    42. Rise St Arno Says:

      Ohhhhhhhhh, I love me some steam punk! Thanks for making all this cool stuff!

    43. Pam Weiler Says:

      An amazing giveaway!! There are so many goodies I can only hope to win. I would have so much fun playing with everything. The design team has created some really great projects.

    44. Marie Siler Says:

      I am always amazed at the ideas and products I see coming from Alpha Stamps. The projects are just beautiful, creative, and inventive. I hope some of that will rub off on me!

    45. Jenn R Says:

      Love the new items. The little bottles are sooooo cute!

    46. Michele Says:

      I love this kit !!!!!!!!

    47. Lisa Wiktorek Says:

      I love this Give a Way!!! So many creative ideas!!

    48. Linda Knox Says:

      Oh man, I love, love, love this! I try to enter all of the giveaways and haven’t won yet so maybe this one will be my lucky one. Great art by all!!!

    49. Susan Says:

      As always ~ amazing! Can’t wait for my current order.

    50. Sue C. Says:

      I haven’t had the chance to do any steampunk yet, but would love to try this one! The kit looks amazing. One Lucky person will win, TFS!

    51. Pat Healey Says:

      Love all things Steampunk. Thanks for the chance to win some awesome goodies

    52. Karen Crowder Says:

      Yea! for another giveaway!

    53. Carrie Says:

      So many details! Love the steampunk stuff!

    54. kim Says:

      I could NEVER have enough Steampunk items for Altered art projects.
      I’ve got my fingers crossed.
      Hope I win!!!!!!

    55. Tina W. Says:

      Looks like lots of great goodies in the giveaway!

    56. Patty N. Says:

      Great collection, all your products are amazing!

    57. Kris Gruben Says:

      Exciting! This is a new area for me!!

    58. Carrie Presley Says:

      Wow, what an awesome kit!! So many goodies! You guys always have the best stuff. Problem is I go into creative overload just thinking of all the things I could do with those goodies. Your fault Alpha Stamps, your fault. ;-D

    59. Sue Rosenberg Says:

      Steampunk rules, and Alpha Stamps contributes to my artistic habits!

    60. slyn Says:

      I love all your products …. just beautiful!

    61. mary mac Says:

      Steampunk is my middle name, love all the items in this giveaway.

    62. Charles O Says:

      Steampunk !!!! Love this stuff , looks like I will be making an order.

    63. Marcia Greer Says:

      the tunnel is so coppery and interesting! Love it.

    64. Barbara Washington Says:

      I love the Steampunk look. This is an awesome project and a fabulous give-away!

    65. Shanna Says:

      Amazing giveaway as always! Would love to win!!

    66. Traci Says:

      I love steampunk this is the best giveaway yet. I would be so excited to win just this once!

    67. judy Says:

      What an awesome gift set, would really be honored to win it. Thanks
      Alpha Stamps for such fun, high quality products.

    68. Stacy H Says:

      Excellent! I will be crossing my gears that I get picked.

    69. Jill Mordasky Says:

      I am darn sure people will be influenced to try Steampunk when you make this marvelous dream of mine to win this giveaway, come true….as I will do show and tell till the cows come home and maybe
      even after that !

    70. Janet Says:

      I couldn’t fall in love faster. The copper sorround is just perfect!

    71. Debi Says:

      Amazing project! Steampunk art is one of my favorite themes & I would love to be gifted with such a prize. Thank you for creating this amazing giveaway!

    72. Patricia Molnar Says:

      Wow!! I love steampunk!! It is soo fun! You can be so creative, imaginative and inventive with it!! Thank you for the chance to win an amazing prize

    73. Noreen Says:

      Steampunk is my favorite craft style. Every time I see something steampunk, I have to take a closer look. Thanks for the chance to win this very fun steampunk prize!

    74. denise daniel Says:

      Wow! What inspiration for some upcoming Fall projects. Love all the embellishments – trinkets and treasures!
      blessings, :D

    75. Sheila Lundquist Says:

      Another super creative idea to entice us. Thanks!

    76. Darci Simmons Says:

      OOOOOh! I LOVE steam punk! What an awesome giveaway!!! Fingers crossed! Lol!

    77. Susan Kluger Says:

      Love Steampunk. This is awesome and has great items. Thanks for this prize. Someone is in for a wonderful treat.

    78. Deb ~ Paxton Valley Folk Art Says:

      Love both the Steampunk tunnel book and the shrine, wonderful. I’d love to be entered into your giveaway, you can never have too much Steampunk! Thanks for the opportunity and for the great sales as well. Deb

    79. Carolyn Bowlby Says:

      I would love to be “punked.”

    80. Pam Yee Says:

      Steampunked, I will be if I win this pkg!!

      Woo hoo…

    81. Rima St.John Says:

      Wonderful tunnel book and great shrine, love the keys for feet, just filled with whimsy!! Great give-a-way as usual thanks for the opportunity to win, I hope…I hope.

    82. Lindy Says:

      Another AMAZING giveaway!!!

    83. Rose Cavalli Says:

      Love steampunk! Thanks for another prize!

    84. Karen N Says:

      Woo Hoo! Love this steampunk giveaway!!

    85. Kate Says:

      I am so happy I purchased those “porthole” tins way back. Can’t wait to make a book. As for that Give away WOW!!! I’m addicted to Steam Punk and have everything crossed (eyes, toes and fingers)
      LOVE Alpha Stamps

    86. Deb Neerman Says:

      Wow, this is SO cool … I love it! TFS!!

    87. Honey S Says:

      Oohhhh. What fun!

    88. Lori Says:

      Your newsletter and blog show off your products so well! Great design team and awesome products.

    89. Jan Korzenaskie Says:

      Wow, what an awesome assortment of steampunk goodness! Would love to win. :)

    90. Linda Says:

      Great Fun!!! Love steampunk so imaginative!

    91. Angela Campbell Says:

      Love it and would make good use of all the yummy stuff!

    92. Luanne Shoup Says:

      One can never have too many supplies!

    93. Jo Ellen Says:

      Gosh!!!! Look at the entries!!!
      Well I want it!!!!! Me! Me!
      Thank you AS for offering these great giveaways!

    94. Sue W Says:

      I love the steampunk papers that I purchased from you and winning this give away would give me accents to use with them.

    95. Kim R Says:

      OMG! Did you say STEAMPUNK? That’s me..well..thats what I do,I make.Im addicted + this prize is STEAMOLICISOUS!!!

    96. Pamela Aigner Says:

      Ah, steampunk….at first I didn’t get it, then I wasn’t sure I liked it, and now I think it’s one of my favorite trends. It would be awesome to win! Thanks for the opportunity.

    97. Kate R. Says:

      Love love love Steampunk and love being inspired by your projects. My fingers are crossed that I will win this giveaway. Pick me pick me pick me!!!!! Pretty pretty please.

    98. Lorna Says:

      Another fun giveaway. Crossing my fingers & my toes…well except when I’m crafting!

    99. Mandy Says:

      I am in love…with these products!

    100. Lynette Says:

      I am getting jewelry ideas from the cool items in this giveaway!

    101. Lisa Abate Says:

      I’m a huge fan of steampunk and would love to win this kit! Great stuff!!

    102. p boszko Says:

      always wonderful goodies for giveaway! as always thanks for the opportunity to win and the inspiration!

    103. Kathy Cabble Says:

      I don’t know anything about Steampunk but I would love to learn. This would be a great way to start!

    104. Edith Says:

      Steampunk a fascinating subgenre for the imagination thanks for a chance to win

    105. Amanda Miller Says:

      This is my favorite!! Love it sooooo much.

    106. marla b Says:

      oh yes! now you’ve nailed my passion- kiss,kiss

    107. Sharon Says:

      Fantastic collection. I look forward to your emails…so much pleasure in reading them and the blog!

    108. Nicole Says:

      My daughter told me about this site. I’m so glad she did! This is truly one of my happy places!

    109. Lou Anne Colodny Says:

      Round is great…the world, our eyes, it connects us…really would love to win this one….hooray for alpha stamps….

    110. Sara Tanner Says:

      Cogs,Gears it’s Steampunk oh my! What an awesome funnel book! It’s absolutely beautiful. Great job! :)

    111. Mary Toriello Says:

      Me please! I love steampunk art!

    112. Wendy Says:

      Two of my favorites, Steampunk and Giveaways!

    113. Judy Ross Says:

      Would love to win! Thanks, for the chance!

    114. Linda Says:

      GREAT giveaway!!!!!

    115. Lorrie Koenig Says:

      What fun! I have always wanted to try and make something steampunk…what a great giveaway. I just bought a “book” that opens to a compartment..this would be perfect.

    116. Lisa Mills Says:

      I love that steampunk! Count me in. Thanks a bunch!!

    117. Ritva Says:

      Cool things, hope I’ll win!

    118. Carol Slowik Says:

      Amore it!

    119. Theresa May Says:

      All my hopes and dreams are traveling at maximum velocity (steam-powered, of course) toward this giveaway!!

    120. Debbie Rollier Says:

      I want it all. I love steam punk!

    121. Marilyn Fishwick Says:

      Love me the Steampunk! Plus my hubbie would be super happy if I made him something with the Birth of the Grand Prix collage sheet. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    122. Phyllis B. Says:

      I would love to combine Steampunk with Halloween. I bet they would work great together.

    123. carol Says:

      One can never have enough steampunk images and gadgets etc. It is my turn please pick me.

    124. Rob Says:

      I really love these tunnel books and have made a trial and am about to get serious with it, I would SO love to win this amazing collection of goodies to add to it. Thanks for the chance.

    125. Karen Mallory Says:

      Steampunk giveaway! I love it!! Have so many Steampunk projects to do!
      hugs Karen

    126. HawaiianLibrarian Says:

      Steampunk-abulous giveaway! Mahalo for the op to win such goodies.

    127. Jacqueline Says:

      Thank you, I love Steampunk!!!, My birthday is the 6th and will love to win and celebrate making a beautiful project!!!

    128. julie F. Says:

      The winner of this giveaway is going to have such fun playing with all these fabulous goodies!

      Thanks much…

    129. Karen Says:

      Bronzes and coppers and gears, oh my! This is a must have.

    130. Stacia Says:

      Ooh ooh ooh – pick me, pick me!

    131. Lorna Says:

      I have a bottle full of watch parts that would go very nicely with this so my fingers are crossed. Kinda makes typing tricky tho’…

    132. Lorna Dufrane Says:

      Love it! Looks like a lot of fun!

    133. Brenda Lubrant Says:

      I love steampunk because I think it allows your imagination to go wild.

    134. susan schultheis Says:

      what a fabulastic steampunk giveaway! I can already picture some of my creations using all of the great prizes. Thanks so much.

    135. Michaele C. Says:

      Steampunk is my favorite! Having a family
      of 4 males and a grandson these products
      are always a hit and appreciated whenever
      a birthday or special event rolls around.
      I would love to be picked as the winner.
      Thank you for the opportunity.

    136. sheila AR Says:

      Fabulous elements to create some wild projects…thanks for all the giveaways! xo

    137. Janet Turner Says:

      What a lot of fun materials to play with!

    138. susan salyer Says:

      I love steam punk it is it’s own entity and beautiful vintage and slightly Gothic it is awesome..so awesome . Love love this give away.
      susan s

    139. Sandra Says:

      I love love love steampunk. This is an awesome opportunity. Did I mention I love steampunk.

    140. Diane Douglas Says:

      Another fabulous Giveaway! Thank you again for a chance to win such great products.

      Take care,

    141. Kara Church Says:

      You always have the most fantastic, inspirational photos and products!

    142. Marilyn H. Says:

      I have fallen in love with Steampunk. Great giveaway!

    143. Lynn Fox Says:

      Sooner or later my turn will come…maybe??? But what a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance!!!

    144. Pat Houck Says:

      I love the steampunk look and this kit is amazing!

    145. chark Says:

      stinkin’ cool!

    146. Judy Says:

      I love Steampunk…and this giveaway is fantastic.

    147. Heather C. Says:

      The copper book is really pretty – very steampunk!

    148. Lyneen Jesse Says:

      What an awesome giveaway!!!! love all the Steampunk Charm!!!

    149. Kris Martinez Says:

      What a great giveaway – Steampunk is such a great style to work with. The new trinket items look like they will work well with the kit.

    150. Miss Iowa Says:

      I’m feeling lucky, so sign me up! Would love the chance to win these goodies.

    151. Carolyn Vallelunga Says:

      Ditto to what was said by 1 – 150!!!! Thank you for getting us inspired!

    152. Beth w Says:

      This is fantastic-I love Steampunk.
      I would be so thrilled to win.

    153. karenladd Says:

      A great giveaway and WOW what an amazing mini book! Love that porthole cover!

    154. Ronda Garner Says:

      Well I have loved steam punk forever I really really hope
      I win I’ve never won anything online Befor would be a real joy. Thank you for the chance I hope I have a lucky number hahhaa. Smilz

    155. Wendy williams Says:

      Love this whole art /metal thing…it speaks to me

    156. Karen Says:

      Fantastic give away! I love steam punk. I hope I win.

    157. Jeanne Kelly Says:

      This looks SO totally fun! Thanks for hosting yet another giveaway!!!

    158. Kim Reed Says:

      Steampunk fascinates me and is the theme that pushed me into crafting when I first started last October, so this blog is screaming my name. And I am always awestruck with how cleverly Nichola uses product to make her designs…just stunning!

    159. katie birch Says:

      I’m doing a Steampunk theme art show this weekend, could this be fate!? hope so, I just love, love, love Steampunk!

    160. Ruth Ann Garand Says:

      Please, please, please “punk” me. I love all the things you have to offer for this genre. Am ordering even as we speak!!!

    161. Ivy Laine Says:

      Awesome giveaway! I LOVE it!!

    162. Linda Says:

      what a fabulous giveaway and I would love the chance to win!! Thnx!!

    163. Kathy M Says:

      Amazing & wonderful kit! Steampunk is my favorite!

    164. Jennie Says:

      This is an amazing giveaway, and the tunnel book is brilliant!

    165. Laura Kloth Says:

      steampunk!!! how fun! I hope I win this one! good luck to all!

    166. Thalia Kottke Says:

      Steampunk?! Whoo-Hoo! I want to win this one.

    167. Tammie Says:

      Love steampunk! You guys have the best giveaways!

    168. Kerstin Bulin Says:

      Love to win this Great Price …!!!

    169. Renee Byrd Says:

      You always have the best giveaways. I love Steampunk!!!

    170. Jennifer Says:

      Steampunk is so much fun! Great kit of goodies! You have the best giveaways, always!

    171. cathy norton Says:

      Yea I could get in to try for this. Love this one. Fingers crossed.

    172. KimMJ Says:

      Loving all those Steampunk goodies! thanx for the chance to win! :)

    173. Linda Ellis Says:

      Thank you so much for offering this opportunity! I love everything your team makes! Linda E.

    174. Paige Henson Says:

      Please, send the punk!!

    175. Crystal Brown Says:

      Team work made some beautiful steampunk projects! I would love to win some steampunk goodies! Keep up the good work. You Gals make some wonder art! Very inspiring!

    176. Beki Says:

      This would be awesome for making interesting things for Steamcon in October!