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    Lacy Skirts & Teatime! (with a Tutorial & Giveaway!)

    Filed under Art Projects, Design Team, Giveaways, Newsletters, Sale, Tutorials

     January 11th Update:
     The Lace and Trims
     Giveaway Winner

    Another lovely Design Team creation using the January Romantic Women Kit! (And a second paper doll by Rhonda Secrist Thomas! Here’s a link to her Madame Flora doll from the December 29th newsletter.)

    In addition to the January Kit, here’s a few of the items Rhonda added (and all are On Sale!):
    - The Avenues 6×6 Paper Pad
    - White Plastic Pearls (Strands)
    - Glass Window Beads
    - Brass Flower Charms
    - Teal Fiber Set
    - Marie Fiber Set
    (And a bunch of vintage crocheted doilies… see the Giveaway, below, for some suggested cotton crocheted edgings.)

    Here’s Rhonda’s full supply list. And, here’s a link to Rhonda’s blog, where she shares how to make the ribbon and lace skirt.

    Don’t these sweet ladies look like they’re ready to step out for a cup of tea? (Hmm… well Rhonda created these ladies so I can almost bet they have really bad habits, curse like a sailor and probably come to life during the night. But I digress!)

    But back to tea(!). Well, we have two New and On Sale! sets of China and Teacup stickers that would be perfect for these ladies. (And both sets are also included in today’s Giveaway!) We also included a chipboard table in the Giveaway — to sit your teacups on, of course! I’d also suggest mixing in the On Sale! French Desserts Stickers.

    And there are also 2 new dies — both with lacy or ornate designs (perfect for building a scene for your own paper doll).

    Speaking of which, there’s still time to enter the Victorian Paper Dolls Swap (that’s a link to the January Kit page, where there is more info) and/or sign up for the swap on the Yahoo Group.


    Hooray! A Lace and Trims Giveaway!

    In addition to the January Romantic Women Kit plus the extra items Rhonda used (see above), here are highlights of trims that Miz Meghan pulled for the Giveaway:
    - Gold Lace on Transparency
    - Victorian Jumping Jack Parts Collage Sheet
    - Victorian Paper Doll Parts Collage Sheet
    - Doilies Rub-Ons – Gold
    - Crocheted Cotton Lace Trim
    - Light Blue Floral Crochet Trim
    - Mint Green Crochet Trim
    - Taupe Scalloped Crochet Trim
    - 3/8 Inch Velvet Ribbon – Light Aqua

    Psst… in honor of the ongoing Lovesick – A Sweetheart Book Swap (yes, a second swap) and also befitting today’s artwork, ALL the ribbon sections are On Sale! Crazy — that’s SIX sections. View them here:
    - Ribbons: Fringes/Fibers
    - Ribbons: Patterned
    - Ribbons: Sets
    - Ribbons: Silk
    - Ribbons: Solid
    - Ribbons: Twills

    To enter the Lace and Trims Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment below on this blog post TODAY (January 9, 2014) by midnight (Pacific Standard Time).

    Don’t forget to leave your (hello! correct) email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

    Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

    After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via Random.org). So make sure to check back tomorrow to see who won! And check your mailbox on Sunday morning for the next Giveaway and Newsletter!

    Hey, who won the Bird Valentines Giveaway? That would be Diane Dainis!

    Posted by Leslie, January 9th, 2014

    138 Responses to “Lacy Skirts & Teatime! (with a Tutorial & Giveaway!)”

    1. Darlene Propp Says:

      What fabulous laces and stickers! Oooh, I’d love to win those! Thanks for the opportunity!

    2. Sharon Barbera Says:

      Just absolutely stunning!!!

    3. Lynn Fox Says:

      Rhonda’s Madame Flora is absolutely exquisite! The giveaway is fabulous! Wow!

    4. Karen Crowder Says:

      Don’t “trim” me out of this giveaway!

    5. Karen Says:

      The giveaway is beautiful – I would love to create this project and hope to be “randomly” picked!

    6. Deb Ochs-LaGrone Says:

      Love me some ribbon and lace! Please pick me!!!

    7. Celina M Says:

      Love all these giveaways you all do. This one is amazing! Those tea cup stickers are amazing!

    8. bobbie fleishell Says:

      OMGosh, Rhonda doll is so exquisite, absolutely stunning, would love to win this giveaway to give this tut a try…Thanks so much for the chance…

    9. Emily N. Says:

      Love the lace!

    10. Karen Says:

      Another beautiful giveaway……gorgeous fibers. Maybe someday I will win one of these…

    11. Kathy Compton Says:

      This is perfect…we are having a Mother’s
      Day Tea Party and I need to start planning..NOW! Great ideas

    12. judy golden Says:

      Wow this is a very pretty gift pack. Love all the pretty pastel colors. I would love to start using these for birthday cards. Thanks for the chance to win.

    13. Terry McMullen Says:

      LOVE the lacey skirt! Wonderful idea!

    14. Theresa Goldman Says:

      How lovely and I love the lace skirt. How cool Rhonda…..

    15. Stacy A Blow Says:

      What an awesome giveaway! Great-looking trims and those teacup stickers are adorable! All I can say is: Pick me! Pick me!

    16. Arminta Says:

      These items are beautiful. They are a wonderful way to warm up and cheer up a cold winter day.

    17. Kim B Says:

      Very nice giveaway, Thanks!

    18. KIM Says:


      No one ever have enough robbon

    19. Lynne Moncrieff Says:

      Lace is something I constantly reach for, even on masculine projects.
      I would do a ladylike swoon if I were to win this.

    20. Lynn Says:

      Love the LACE!!!

    21. Holly Day Says:

      Such pretty stuff! Perfect for making beautiful girly things:)!

    22. Renee Zarate Says:

      I love your trims and laces! I promise to make something girly if I win.

    23. Tabitha Klucking Says:

      Just gorgeous!

    24. MargieD Says:

      Love those gorgeous trims. Thanks so much for the chance to win such a fabulous prize. Margie

    25. cathrine bolin Says:

      Love, love, lacey dresses!

    26. mikele meether Says:

      These are beautiful and I so want to win. love the lace

    27. Lisa Heaney Says:

      I Love it !
      Beautiful :)

    28. Kathleen Jones Says:

      Love the tea cups.

    29. Nellie Cotnam Says:

      Wow – I love the new tea cup stickers! Thanks for offering the Lace and Trims Giveaway.

    30. joann west… Says:

      Beautiful, love any kind of tea, and the cups are so cute..

    31. Melanie Says:

      Love the lacy skirt and tutorial. Thanks for the chance to win!

    32. Amanda Miller Says:

      Love,love,love all the ribbon! Amazing projects as always

    33. Traci Says:

      The lace skirt is gorgeous-would love to try making that. I love lace!

    34. mimi Says:

      I love lace and ribbons and collage sheets. What fun!

    35. Liz in Kansas Says:

      Oh my – I am in love with that lacy/ribbony skirt! Please put me in for the giveaway and thanks for the inspiration.

    36. Carolyn Summers Says:

      The lace and trims are gorgeous and would work so well on numerous projects. I’d love to be a winner.

    37. Alicia Anderson Says:

      Oh what beautiful laces!

    38. Kathy Bumb Says:

      Love this gorgeous giveaway. I always have loved your store. So many altered art items!!!

    39. Barbara Thompson Says:

      Absolutely fabulous. Just Love it.

    40. Teresa Raines Says:

      What a wonderful giveaway. I never win, but I always enter! Love your shop.

    41. Mary White Says:

      Love the gold lace. A wonderful giveaway.

    42. sally papin Says:

      Adorable adorable, love this give away. Hope I win!

    43. Sandra Russell Says:

      A VERY beautiful feminine ribbon and lace project. I would love to be a winner.

    44. sheila AR Says:

      Adore these lovely ladies, and the latest ribbon skirt is to die for!! Love the combination of 2- and 3-d effect, so tactile and fun!! Want, please……

    45. kathy cabble Says:

      I need to make one of these paper dolls. Not to mention that I could use the trims.

    46. Christine Dahlin Says:

      the paper doll I made had a bit of attitude also, but Rhonda’s still looks better! I’d love the chance to match hers!

    47. ramona szczerba Says:

      lovely ladies!

    48. Anna Says:

      What lovely ladies!!!!

    49. Jeri Aaron Says:

      Love love love this giveaway!

    50. Joan Burdorff Says:

      Pick me please. I need another project!!haha…not.

    51. Mary Toriello Says:

      Love these lacy ladies! Would look great in my Victorian home.

    52. Vicki Romaine Says:

      What a wonderful giveaway to begin the new year! Such goodies to inspire.

    53. Christine Shook Says:

      What a beautiful idea!! Now I have another idea for my Marie Antoinette set! Stunning!!

    54. Rhonda Cable Says:

      Oh my goodness, what a beautiful give a way and gorgeous project!!!

    55. Lana Says:

      so pretty…I’m so hopeful that I might win this lovely giveaway. fingers crossed!

    56. Jill Ongley Says:

      These items would be perfect for the tea-time book that I’ve been working on.

    57. Diane Dainis Says:

      Another beautiful, beautiful giveaway! You are very generous to off each and everyone of us the opportunity.

    58. Rima St.John Says:

      Trims and ribbons…ribbons and trims, right up my alley!! Oh how I love, lace, ribbons and trims. And of course I need more so I must win this prize, right?? Thanks for the opportunity to win this one.

    59. Jeannie Torres Says:

      I always enjoy the challenge of incorporating items that are outside of my norm and comfort zone when I look at your site. I am always determined to include at least ONE thing in my order to force me to expand my “artistic” boundaries!!

    60. Patricia Molnar (artjunkie2) Says:

      Wow!! The lace/trim skirt is beautiful! Such an amazing project! The prize is fabulous and thank you so much for the chance to win!!

    61. Tee Says:

      Gorgeous products in the giveaway to create with! Would love to win them! Thanks,Tee

    62. Lorna Dufrane Says:

      Love tea’s ans everything to do will teas

    63. Laura Says:

      I love working with lace when I can, always so beautiful!

    64. Holly R Says:

      I love it! I adore adding lace and ribbons to paper crafts for great texture and dimension.

    65. cher s Says:

      love it! thanks for the chance to win:)

    66. Cynthia Kyla Kahn Says:

      Tea time and steampunk are like peanut butter and jelly.

    67. Terri Barnard Says:

      This is beautiful!! What a great idea with all the lace and other wonderful trims. I would love for this to be mine!

    68. Sandy Holva Says:

      Thank you so much for the chance to win this beautiful kit.

    69. Lori Devoux Says:

      Would love to win! Thanks for the chance, keeping my fingers crossed.

    70. Sandra Lee Says:

      so beautiful! tea parties, lovely women…fabulous would love to win this beautiful set

    71. Tanya Says:

      I love these ladies and their dresses! What a beautiful idea.

    72. Christie Says:


    73. Carrie Monnier-Cummings Says:

      Beautiful as always and the dolls are amazing!

    74. Lou Anne Says:

      I love the lace and the ladies-it’s a great idea and one I will try.

    75. Leslie Webb Says:

      Your site carries the most delightful and beautiful products. I would love to win this exquisite give-a-way!

    76. p boszko Says:

      how inspirational! thanks for the opportunity to win!

    77. Janet Turner Says:

      Beautiful materials. Thank you for all the great ideas!

    78. Elizabeth Duke Says:

      Look at all those yummy trims!!!

    79. Florence Says:

      Tea and lace things, my favorites!

    80. jackie Says:

      Gosh- those fibers are gorgeous! Hope to win!

    81. Pam Weiler Says:

      Love the tutorial. Would love to win this giveaway.

    82. Sheila A Says:

      Someone has to win, right? Maybe…this time it will be me. I would love love love it!!

    83. Shanna Says:

      How fun. I love this idea. I would have never thought! Such an awesome fun and vintagy project!!!

    84. karenladd Says:

      Wow, I LOVE all the trims and beautiful papers and rub-ons for this amazing giveaway! So elegant!

    85. Vickie Trancho Says:

      I love frou frou! Can never have enough lace! Beautiful theme!

    86. Deb Says:

      Love the ribbon skirt, very pretty! Congratulations to Diane on her bird Valentine giveaway win and thank you for the opportunity to enter yet another giveaway! Deb

    87. Beth jones Says:

      So feminine!! Smiles

    88. Diana Kelly Says:

      These are so girly and perfect for valentines! I love the trims and papers, rub-ons. All of it!

    89. Laurie Baker Says:

      Love the antique look laces and ribbons. They can be used in so many different ways – for scrapbooking, cards, paper dolls, sewing, jewelry and more I am sure.

    90. Honey Says:

      Wow. I love this idea and the new kit!!!

    91. Jo Says:

      Love the ribbon skirt motif! Thanks for the giveaway!

    92. Barbara Souza Says:

      I love paper dolls. Would love to win these goodies.

    93. Pat Says:

      This is a lovely project

    94. Kathy M Says:

      I’m so in love with this kit!!! I’m a little girl at heart, and love creating paper dolls, and their clothes. This kit is just fabulous!!!!!!!

    95. Shari Peters Says:

      What a wonderful give away. Would love to win this for my victorian ladies. Please, please choose me.

    96. Roxanne Says:

      MMMMMMM! Love this project! I am a Huge fan of this era….Marie Antoinette we love you…. Love the use of all the different trims and the ‘graphic girl’ is wonderful!

    97. Chris J. Says:

      OMG!! Happy New Year! I LOVE this!

    98. Ann Says:

      Ooooh, I do love these beribboned ladies and of course, tea time and all its accoutremonts!! Two of my favorites! Please enter me in this fabulous giveaway. Happy New Year to all the great folks at AS!

    99. Carmen Willis Says:

      I’m so loving the items put together in this wonderful giveaway!

    100. Kathy Hou Says:

      Ooooooo, nice stuff!!

    101. Jenny Hesters Says:

      Wow what an awesome opportunity to win beautiful stuff.

    102. Brenda Lubrant Says:

      I am in love with those darling little tea cup stickers. This whole kit would be great in creating a little mini album for my little granddaughter.

    103. Barbara Nekic Says:

      I love this collection! What fun to play with these fibers and ribbons.

    104. Karen Cejka Says:

      I just love these little ladies! What fun.

    105. Lucy Seiler Says:

      I love these fancy ladies! I am crossing my fingers and toes! Thank you so much for sharing.

    106. marla b Says:

      Teacups , French China, laces and trims = sweet!!

    107. Karen Charley Walker (fairyfloss0) Says:

      These are just stunning and I really want to learn how to make them :)

    108. Sylvia L. Says:

      I agree with Kim, who says, “No one can ever have enough ribbon”! The same goes for trims…

    109. LoriSW Says:

      Love this give away set!!! Great doll examples, thanks ladies!

    110. Michelle B. Says:

      Soooooo VERY YUMMY! Your company is truly remarkable! I’m in love with Alpha!

    111. Marilou Says:

      Love this giveaway, count me in!

    112. lynn legge Says:

      i just love how the fibers and ribbons make the skirt.. so lovely..
      what a great give away.. i would love to win this … thanks so much for sharing with us all

    113. Laura Says:

      Lovely giveaway, lace and tea cups!

    114. Sar Tann Says:

      These are dripping with lacy gorgeousness and I just adore them. Who ever thought of adding lacy to paper dolls is a absolute genius!

    115. stampnk Says:

      Wonderful projects and fabulous giveaway! LOVE that art doll with the lace skirt!

    116. Carol Slowik Says:

      My mom and I have tea every day! What a sweet idea to make for her. Pic me please!

    117. Jen R Says:

      What a delicious and fun idea!

    118. Cindy Carlson Says:


    119. Stacia Says:


    120. Ronda Liebert Says:

      I would love to win this. Thanks.

    121. Helen Potter Says:

      Beautiful trims!

    122. Melody Holland Says:

      I LLLLLLLOOOOOVE this ! I would so love so love to win, I will love u 4ever !!!
      yes its a bribe !

    123. Marianne Says:

      Another great giveaway!

    124. PEG DAVIS Says:

      Lovely, feminine, and pretty…..girly….gotta love girly !

    125. Shannon C. Says:

      “Tea”riffic ladies are looking oh-so lovely!

    126. Rosemary woodruff Says:

      Lovely…..romantic….so pretty….I would love to have these..winning would be awesome.

    127. B. Sejourne Says:

      Wow! Ribbon and lace make for great texture! I’m so glad you share these fab ideas with all of us and I would love to win this giveaway!

    128. Yvette LeBlanc Says:

      very lovely!!

    129. Mary Mac Says:

      Would love to have these beautiful laces. One can never have to many

    130. Cindy Fitch Says:

      All my paper dolly friends are so under dressed compared to these girls. But, I don’t think they would mind. They are well mannered and always looking for new friends.

    131. Diane Douglas Says:

      Another fantastic Give Away! Absolutely love all the colors and styles in this array of products!

      Thanks for another chance to win!!

      Take care,

    132. Jennifer Stahr Says:

      What beautiful trims! And the teacup stickers….I love tea! LOL! :)

    133. shannon thomson Says:

      Wow! I’ve been wanting to make something like this!

    134. Jill Noblitt Says:

      Lovely! The teacups are precious !

    135. Gilda Says:

      Thanks for the beautiful give away.

    136. Marilyn Fishwick Says:

      Again many of my favorite things included in this give away. I especially love the teacups.

    137. ratgirl Says:

      Amazing ribbons! The blue floral ribbon is my favorite!

    138. Phoebe Diamond Says:

      Lovely, that would be fun to make paper dolls with.