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Glitter Houses Add-On Kit - SOLD OUT  $0.00  $0.00 

Fear not! Even though this kit is now sold out, there are still links to the individual items that were sold as a kit on this page. (Plus lots of eye candy from the Design Team!)

As the Design Team often receives a wider group of products to play with around the monthly themes, I've gathered together everything they received (beyond what's in the regular 3D House Ornament Kit) and I've put together this Glitter Houses Add-On Kit.

Oooh! A snowy Winter Putz House by Design Team Member Kristin Batsel (with little cut-out windows to take advantage of the LED light inside)!

Kristin made this house using the Glitter House Template Collage Sheet — part of THIS Glitter Houses Add-On Kit (this house is a little more complicated than the template in the 3D House Ornament Kit, but if you omitted the cut-out windows and door, you could make a similarly simple house (like the first kit) but with a jaunty asymmetrical roof).

This kit includes 2 more new collage sheets, both with miniature images sized for Glitter Houses:

Santa is Outside
Beside many, many (small) images of Santa bundled up, out in the snow, it includes some images of Santa posed ready to come down the chimney (and some mini versions sized for the chimney on the Glitter House Collage Sheet).

Tiny Christmas Windows
This collage sheet includes images of Santa, children and Christmas trees either seen through windows or small enough to be put behind the tiny windows on the Glitter House Collage Sheet.

And the Add-On Kit also contains a Mini LED Light with Switch (like the one Kristin used inside of her house) and 4 of the new resin figurines!

Kristin provides a tutorial on her blog, too! With some great tips, like how to get the placement of the hole for hiding the wires for your tiny lights just right. Oh, and look at that tiny lamp post that lights up, too!

There's so many more little details to ponder (like those resin Santa and snowman figurines) so here's Kristin's Supply List and see more pictures (and her tutorial!) at Kristin's Blog.

While I'm explaining all these components, most everything in this add-on kit is also available to buy separately (until sold out). See the "We Also Recommend" section, below, for links/pics. (Note: the 6x6 paper pad in that list has 36 sheets (3 each of 12 designs) so 12 papers (1 each of a all the designs) is in the kit... not the full pad.)

But... the whole point of these goodies being in a kit (well, maybe two points): you can buy them all with one click AND they are at a discounted price!

Even considering the sale price for the collage sheets (as ALL Christmas Collage Sheets are on sale!) if you buy all these items individually it would cost $32.59.

Christmas Jar by Nichola Battilana. See the Supply List.

For more information see the blog.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 26 November, 2014.
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