July 24, 2011    

Halloween Giveaway Challenge

So much news around here! From the recent launch of the new site (and if you're having any problems validating your account, email Teri) to our new Alpha Stamps Facebook Page (please take a minute and visit... and upload something you've made using Alpha Stamps' products to our wall) and now... a big fat Giveaway!

Win the fabulous Hocus Pocus Halloween Kit shown at right and have your art featured on the Alpha Stampsí blog! Enter up to 3 of your original designs into our Halloween Giveaway Challenge!

For all the info on how to enter (and a special freebie for spreading the word), visit the blog post.

Hocus Pocus Halloween Kit

What a great kit... lots of components (and different types of components) and at a great price. Just what you'll need to get you through the upcoming Halloween swaps (hint, hint).

3 collage sheets, 4 scrapbook papers, 2 designs of black dresden, 5 black chipboard tags, a set of color rub-ons, a bound "flip book", 7 yards of ribbons & tinsels (including some of the fabulous new orange & black tinsel shown below), 2 rubber stamps... whew. For more details (and more photos) of all the components (and links in case you want to buy portions separately), visit the kit page.

Yes, this entire kit is the prize (for not one, but two winners) in the Halloween Giveaway Challenge!

New things included in the kit...

2 Sheets from "The Magic of Oz" Scrapbook Papers
(more details on the whole collection are below)
The Magic of Oz
Journey to Oz
Halloween-y patterns like ghosts and spider webs. Plus a purple version of the wicked witch.

Spider's Lair Scrapbook Paper
Single-sided 12" x 12" paper with ornate die-cut edges. And an ornate Renaissance frame pattern around the large spider web central image.

Good Fortune Scrapbook Paper not new but newly
A nice acid green (lighter... more like faded lime on the front) with a Ouiji board design (and a delicate lace border on the edges of the back).

Black Chipboard Mixed Tags
(more sets are below)
1 large (5-1/4" x 2-1/2"), 2 medium (4-1/4" x 2-1/8") and 2 small (3-1/4" x 1-5/8"). 5 pieces total.

Hocus Pocus Flip Notes
Spiral bound 3" x 5" cards with tabs. Also has a clear acrylic cover. I'd keep them bound as a little book to decorate but you could unbind them and use them in another mixed-shape book or other project. 18 pages, 3 each of 6 designs.

Hocus Pocus Rub-Ons
(related 'Hocus Pocus' items are also below)
Nicely done, spooky images. 6" x 6" sheet of color rub-ons.

Halloween Tinsel
I love this stuff! The black is a bit thinner than the orange (wrap it around twice if you'd like the same density as the orange).

Shown at near left wrapped around a cat tin (what else?) by Design Team Member Teri Calia.

Related Halloween Goodies

Eleven(!) "The Magic of Oz" 12x12 Scrapbook Papers
Some design liberties with the Oz characters... similar to last year's Halloween in Wonderland. All the sheets are double-sided heavy cardstock.

The Magic of Oz 8x8 Paper Pad
8" x 8" double-sided, heavy sheets sheets; 2 each of 12 designs. These papers are miniatures of the The Magic of Oz 12" x 12" papers.

4 Chipboard Tag Sets
2 kraft sets and 2 black sets (like the Black Chipboard Mixed Tags shown above).

Halloween 3D Stickers
Ten 3D and nine non-3D per package. The "3D" stickers are layered cardstock (on little foam "risers" to give them depth).

Used with the Hocus Pocus Flip Notes (from above) by Design Team Coordinator Miz Bella (Kim Ayers) on an adorable layout (with candy as the planchette on a ouija board?).

Hocus Pocus 6x6 Paper Pad
30 sheets (3 each of 10 designs). Single sided.

Hocus Pocus Chipboard Book
Chipboard blank book with a cool printed cover and rounded corners. 8 pages + covers, so 10 chipboard pieces (only the front & back covers are printed; the back cover has a wood-grain pattern like the background of the front cover). Comes with a 1-1/2" diameter metal binding ring. Approx 5-3/4" x 5-3/4"

Witching Hour
not new, but related,
and newly

A rich, multi-layered Halloween paper with bats, crows, spiders, bare trees and floral filigree in beautiful olive and orange hues.

Hocus Pocus Adornment Frame
Enameled metal frame with an epoxy-domed skull/arsenic design (faux heraldic crest?).

Even More Halloween Goodies

Spooky Tree Stickers
7 stickers per set. Lots of black glitter. Tree is approx. 6-1/2" x 3".

Haunted House Stickers
5 stickers per set (only a portion of the house is shown in the photo at right). The house is approx. 5-1/2" x 3".

Twin Lamp Wood Flourishes
Laser-cut masonite. Approx. 2-3/8" x 8"

Blue Skull in Top Hat Cabochon
A bit smaller than 25x18mm (but look fine in the 25x18mm settings once centered & glued down).

Candelabra Wood Flourishes
Laser-cut masonite. Approx. 2" x 4-1/2"

Halloween Cardstock Pack
18 sheets of 8.5"x 11" smooth cardstock: 12 sheets of Black, 3 sheets of Orange, and 3 sheets of Purple.

Black Cat Rubber Stamp
Wood mounted 60's-esque black cat stamp. Very cute! Image is 1-5/8" tall.

Dead King Buttons
Metal shank buttons with a raised design of a skull wearing a crown. Could be used on a vest... or for art ornamentation.


"Smash Pads"
Fun images and phrases printed on recycled paper in 3 designs: Entertainment, Travel, and Word of Mouth.

Each pad has 30 sheets, 3 each of 10 designs. The pages are perfed, for easy removal from the pad (4" tall without the top part with the hole).

Black Resin Sparrows
Beautiful flat-back, resin birds. Approx. 1" x 1"

Windows Chipboard Set
Sizes 2" to 2-1/2". 8 designs, 32 pieces.

40x30mm Fancy Oval Settings & Cabochons
New Jet Black setting color.

ATC Chipboard Book
First page of each coaster book is embossed. 6 pages on a chain. 2-1/2" x 3-1/2"

Chipboard Birdhouse Book
8 pages on a chain, front and back pages are die-cut (different designs.... and that back cover will probably not be used as a cover after popping out all of those birds & trim). Approx. 6-3/4" wide x 6-1/2" tall.

Starfish Connectors
16 starfish with a brass oxide finish. Approx 15mm wide each.

Not New to the Site, But Newly On Sale!

Hinged House Pendants - Antique Copper
Approx. 1-3/4" x 1" hinged, double-pane house pendants. 6-7mm thick. Seal photos or images between the two pieces of clear glass to make custom memory jewelry.

Raised Oval Pendants & Punches
Gold- or copper-plated cast pewter pendants (1" x 1-1/2" inside dimension) with a raised center area (and cross-hatching texture on the inside area, so could be used for polymer clay). The matching punches are also on sale.

Single-Loop Oval Pendants
Antiqued gold-, copper- or silver-plated (lead free) pewter. 3/4" wide x 1" tall (without the loop). About 1/8" deep.

Raised Rectangular Pendants
Gold-, copper-, or silver-plated cast pewter pendants (18mm x 31mm inside dimension; aka: about 3/4" x 1-1/4") with a raised center area (and cross-hatching texture on the inside area, so could be used for polymer clay).

Double-Loop Rectangular Pendants
Gold-plated or silver-plated cast pewter. (See sample pendant with girl in hat, above.)

Raised Round Pendants & Punches (single & double loops)
See sample at far right. The matching punches are also on sale.

Single-Loop Round Pendants
Antiqued gold- or silver-plated (lead free) pewter. Approx. 7/8" diameter. About 1/8" deep.

Raised Square Pendants & Punches
Gold- or copper-plated cast pewter pendants (15/16" inside dimension) with a raised center area (and cross-hatching texture on the inside area, so could be used for polymer clay). The matching punches are also on sale.

Single-Loop Square Pendants
Antiqued gold-, copper- or silver-plated (lead free) pewter. Approx. 7/8" diameter.

Not Art Stencil
A fun dual stencil. Perfed so you can easily cut it apart (or bend it at 90 degrees to use just one side).

4" x 5" lightweight stencil board (stencils are made thin enough to wrap around curves/corners when stenciling).

Use a stencil brush so that your brushstrokes won't push paint under the edges of the cut-out design (or spray with a mister or spray paint to apply your color).

Back in Stock

Pocket Watches

Mermaids Stencil

Mini Dashboard Shrine Kit

Circle Shrine - Large

Reverie Birds Scrapbook Paper

Large Game Spinners

ATC Gator Clips

18mm Round Glass Cabs



Black/Jet Rosary Chain

Time Rub-Ons

Sprocket Gears

Hang-it-Alls - Antique Brass

Foundations (Box Feet)

Antique Typewriter Mini Alphabet Sets - Uppercase

Distress Ink Pads - Rusty Hinge

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