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    NEW Houdini Kit & FREE Related Gift Kit!

    Filed under Art Projects, Collage Sheets, Featured Artwork, Giveaways, Kits, Newsletters, Rhonda Secrist Thomas

    Before I let Miz Bella tell you about Rhonda’s amazing tribute to Harry Houdini… there’s a new Matchbox Labels & Keys FREE Gift Kit! I’ve made a little Match Labels Collage Sheet, with colorful, miniature (vintage) matchbox labels! The kit includes the new mini collage sheet printed on cardstock, AND a treat: 3 metal embellishments, including a new one just announced today! This mini kit is FREE for all orders over $20! AND the cute little Match Labels Gift Sheet, exclusive to this Gift Kit, is FREE for all orders, regardless of order size! If you place an all-digital order, I’ll send you the Match Labels Gift Sheet as a pdf file. More info and photos.

    Design Team Member Rhonda Secrist Thomas has been locked up in her studio creating an amazing homage to the master magician himself, with The Great Harry Houdini Museum.

    See the photo of Rhonda’s artwork below, but a quick aside: Leslie has made a new Houdini Kit, based on a few (quite a few!) of the items Rhonda chose for her artwork! See the photo at left and/or get more info on the kit page.

    Any Houdini afficianado would love to receive (or make) one of these and then hope that it doesn’t disappear! There’s certainly quite a bit to admire in the museum; Magic Show Posters, Cable Chain and Padlocks used in Houdini’s famous escape tricks and a fabulous Steamer Trunk. I like the tiny details as you know, such as the deck of (tiny 1 inch!) Playing Cards and Houdini standing cut-outs, especially the one where he is holding chains and padlocks.

    To make Houdini’s trunk, Rhonda used a Steamer Trunk Mini Kit. To get the embossed metal-like effect she used Metallic Foil and then ran it through a Big Shot Die-Cutting Machine, on a Long Texture Plate – Wrought Iron Pattern. Pretty cool looking, hmm?

    Also very cool is the Water Torture Cell that Rhonda built, based on the real one that took Houdini two years that he built himself. Thankfully, it didn’t take Rhonda two years to build hers (and she shows you how to do it!) Houdini is even all chained up, secured with a Tiny Bronze Pad Lock and has his Handcuffs on. Oh no, will he escape or die trying?!

    Check out Rhonda’s supply list and then jump into your magic hat to pop out at Rhonda’s blog to find out!


    Hooray for the Houdini Kit Giveaway!

    Yes, you’ve already had a preview of the new kit so I’m not repeating the photos here, but the Giveaway today is one of the new Houdini Kits!

    To enter the Houdini Kit Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY OR TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, FRIDAY, July 17, 2015)! AND tell me what you’d make with all those chains and locks and keys… or give me a request for something else you’d like me to source for a Houdini project.

    Don’t forget to leave your (hello! correct) email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

    Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

    After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via Random.org). So check your mailbox on Sunday morning to see who won and for the next Giveaway and Newsletter!

    Hey, who won the Magic Potions, Pumpkins & Bats Giveaway? That would be Sue! (And she commented: “This is so cute I always wanted to try the small tins have a few I been saving, I think a Kit would be the best way to go for a beginner, then once done the imagination takes over to do more. I really love the little potions bottles I think I would add more of them and an open book so it looks like someone is working on the potions and spells. Love it!!!“) Please check your email for my message about getting your mailing address.

    Posted by Leslie, July 16th, 2015

    55 Responses to “NEW Houdini Kit & FREE Related Gift Kit!”

    1. Leanna Says:

      I think I’d make a safe for all my “valuables” with the chains and locks wrapped around it. I love this type of miniatures – I hope I win!

    2. Jen R Says:

      Oh my goodness so many options but I think I’d like to try my hand at a Houdini shadow box. This museum is gorgeous.

    3. Lyn Gill Says:

      Great giveaway, Alphastamps! I’m thinking I would definitely do a water torture shadowbox, gorgeous piece by the way!

    4. BJ Pressly Says:

      I would love to win this. I would like to use some of the guns for a cowboy & Indian theme.

    5. barbara macaskill Says:

      LOVE the little chains, keys and padlocks in this kit and the sword is outstanding.
      I would love to see a miniature straightjacket to use in my museum! That was one of his best tricks and I would love to incorporate it into a project inspired by the great man himself!

    6. MaggieM Says:

      The last years of his life, Houdini, as a skeptic, were spent debunking mediums and other charlatans of the super natural…I would create a skeptics mini album using the locks and keys and Houdini collage sheets.

    7. Jean Marmo Says:

      Loving those tiny locks! I find Houdini to be very interesting!

    8. Vickie Trancho Says:

      This is such a great idea! I am inspired to create a chunky Houdini handcuff bracelet! There is much inspiration here!

    9. Carolyn Bowlby Says:

      Chain someone up with lots of chains and see if they can be like Houdini.

    10. Diane Noren Says:

      This kit is great. So many great ways to use it.

    11. Traci Says:

      Great project-love the Houdini museum. I was just thinking of the Houdini collage sheet and thinking of making a shadow box-great ideas here for one. >^..^<

    12. Emily N Says:

      Love Houdini! I would make a bracelet from the chain and charms.

    13. M. C. Sparks Says:

      Maybe not for Houdini, but are there mini top hats out there? Really mini

    14. KIM Says:

      This is the greatest giveaway EVER!!!
      I would diffidently make a Houdini shadow box.

    15. Roxanne Says:

      Woweee! I would like to see a spinning wheel that Houdini would be ‘chained’ to w/all those chains and a vintage style large clock that the audience would watch as the wheel spins and houdini tries to get out of all those chains and then springs off the spinning wheel to take a bow! :) thanks for the chance to win.

    16. kim Says:

      Love the chains and locks! So fun for any steampunk make! Love to see clock/watch parts not quite so mini but small, does that make sense?

    17. Luanne Says:

      Do you believe in magic? I like the mini hardware for my cards!

    18. teri steele Says:

      Wow Rhonda’s Display was spectacular. I just finished watching a Houdini movie. Hadnt even occurred to me to incorporate that theme into art. Great job. I am excited about the small locks Ive been searching for some for months to use on my trunks.

    19. angelic Says:

      I love steampunk, so I would use the chains, locks and keys to create either a steampunk necklace or alter a bottle.

    20. Laural Says:

      I am not sure I can ” get out of this” awesome idea

    21. Jennifer Says:

      This project is amazing!! I love all the little locks and chains. I would want to make all kinds of mini scenes with locked trunks and chains. Plus i just love tiny locks. And those swords!!

    22. marykay chisum Says:

      The chains and locks and keys are BEGGING for a halloween haunted house to go with them and who better to reside in that house than the great Harry Houdini!!

    23. Megan Warren Says:

      I LOVE this!!! I’ve always been a fan of Houdini and this is a great kit.

    24. Christi Conley Says:

      I love this kit, but I think it would be SO cool to have a straight jacket “something” as well! Also, I would definately chain a heart up with all those awesome chains & locks :)

    25. Denise Humenik Says:

      with each kit I think, “it doesn’t get any cuter than this” & each time you prove me wrong! Love this kit & would very much enjoy challenging my imagination with it!

    26. Karen Mallory Says:

      Fabulous kit! I would love to make the water torture device, It is so cool1

    27. Mary Helene Says:

      The collage sheets are my favorite. Just love this theme.

    28. Laura West Says:

      I’m not sure what I would make, it’s just so awesome that there are countless ideas going through my mind! I love it!

    29. Angie G Says:

      The chains and locks are fabulous. I love the Houdini scene. July is the start of Halloween season for me so I would like to make a monster in a trunk or crate chained with his face or “paw” sticking out as part of a haunted room.

    30. Janet Turner Says:

      I love the great ideas. I like using the key charms for collage boxes I make. It adds extra interest.

    31. April Dudko Says:

      I am in love with the shadowbox and would be making that!

    32. Ginette Says:

      great kit

    33. Michelle Toops Says:

      Too cool!not sure what I’d do with it but i’m sure it would be cool.

    34. Ronda Liebert Says:

      Awesome – one of my favorites so far. I would like to make one just like this. It is wonderful.

    35. Gail S. Says:

      Ohh! I would love to win and I would make a shadow box tray. I could keep all the little compartments under chains & locks!!

    36. Sokat Says:

      This is so unique and interesting. I would like to see other miniatures of this era. Glasses, top hats, spats, vintage pics of New York City

    37. Lori D. Says:

      I would make charm bracelets!

    38. DebR Says:

      Rhonda’s Houdini museum is wonderful! And I think I’d use those locks and chains to make sure that a certain vampire didn’t get out of his coffin in a little Halloween tableau.

    39. Melissa Kobin Says:

      I’d love to make a Halloween chamber of horrors!

    40. Jennie Says:

      Maybe some sort of double sided shadowbox? Glass on two sides, with space between for creating a scene. Love the Houdini theme!

    41. orianna Says:

      I would use the chains and trinkets to make a necklace. A lovely assistant in a stand up model for Houdini would be welcome.

    42. phoebe diamond Says:

      I wish I’d known about these supplies during the school year. I’d use the chains and hand-cuffs for a biography project on Houdini.

    43. Tammy Says:

      I would finish the coffin kit that I purchased thru you.

    44. Jo Says:

      Love the Houdini kit! Would have fun making a Halloween diary with the lock and key and chain.

    45. Shelby Says:

      I LOVE Houdini…and I would use the chains to “link” the photos in my collage. Even if I don’t win…the kit is sold! I NEED one! ;-)

    46. Kim Lucak Says:

      This would be a fun diorama for the girls. We have not studied Houdini yet and a craft would be a great ending!!!

    47. Tammy Says:

      I like the idea of a chained coffin(s). But I’ve always been intrigued by Houdini. I love seeing him in chain upside-down in the shadow box.

    48. Diana Bittaker Says:

      Fan-freaking- tastic! Love the whole idea of this! My friend has been bugging me to make a miniature Houdini diorama and now- here it is! Gonna need all of the locks and chains to complete the process! Thank you helping me keep my creative juices flowing!

    49. LeAnn Says:

      I would use the chains, locks and keys with the steamer trunks that I just purchased. I would also use them to make jewelry.

    50. Beth Williams Says:

      I love this-something I would have never thought of doing. Thank you for the fantastic inspiration. I could definitely use the locks & chains for some of my Halloween monsters! I think the kit is perfect just like it is.

    51. Wendy Harvey Says:

      I think I would use the locks and chains for some sort of feminist piece…some sort of play on the idea of a chastity belt. Conversely, it might be cool to do some sort of symbolic thing with those locks and chains around a head or vintage images of a brain. I see them, and I’m immediately teeming with symbol-driven art ideas.

    52. Lisa Mills Says:

      I would love to do a 3-d diorama with Houdini or a shadow box featuring the magic works of Houdini. Wouldn’t that be fun?! Thanks for the great giveaway! Lisa

    53. Jackie Neal Says:

      How incredibly imaginative!!
      I think I would go the chest with the chains and locks..and those tiny handcuffs are adorable!!

    54. Marilyn H Says:

      I honestly have no clue. I’m sure I could come up with something.

    55. Lou Anne H. Says:

      I’d want to use the handcuffs, keys, and guns on a charm necklace. I love the little handcuffs.