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    A Bell Jar Fairy AND A Fish House?! Plus a NEW FREE Gift!

    Filed under Art Projects, Collage Sheets, Fairy Garden, Giveaways, Kristin Batsel, Newsletters, Nichola Battilana

    Oooh! A very pretty FREE gift kit today! I was inspired by the lovely Bell Jar Fairy (and related new English Fairy Garden Collage Sheet) by Design Team Member Nichola Battilana and put together the Birds & Butterflies FREE Gift Kit! FREE for ALL orders, now through SATURDAY NIGHT, July 16, 2016!

    Learn more.

    Design Team Member Kristin Batsel started with the new Little Folding House Shrine and went to town creating an odd little Fish House with a story to match!

    First, about the new shrine: it’s a little set of flat, heavy chipboard pieces to make a standing house with a wrap-around front cover (as you can see, the front of the closed shrine has a double front cover).

    You can use paper tape to “hinge” the pieces together (like the red stars from the tissue tape Kristin used), or use metal hinges for a more industrial look.

    Now on to Kristin’s “King of Fish”:

    “The King of Fish watches over his kingdom from the center panel, while his loyal subjects collect the perfect fish from the surrounding ocean. He has put those bathing beauties to work! On the left is my favorite panel. She’s so proud of the catch of the day.”

    I love the details like windows in the waves (on both sides).

    Many more photos are on Kristin’s blog post.

    See everything Kristin used to create The Fish House in her Supply List. (And check below for another photo and because ALL of these items are also featured in today’s Giveaway!)

    Nichola Battilana has created the cutest little fairy jars you will ever see, using the sweeties on her new Little People Collage Sheet!

    That collage sheet is made of such sweet creatures (and that strongman wearing blush made me laugh). And they each come facing right and left so you have a choice or they can be used double-sided.

    Many more photos (and info on that Miss — shown at the bottom of the photo at left — that requires a bit of space to prance around) are on Nichola’s blog post.


    Hooray for The Folding Fish House Giveaway!

    This prize includes EVERYTHING in Kristin’s The Fish House Supply List!!

    And more goodies included, too! Each of Nichola’s new collage sheets:
    - English Fairy Garden Collage Sheet
    - Little People Collage Sheet

    And a set of Wood Deer Head Die-Cuts (see photo below. and: ooh… these were just put on clearance! See the 50% off clearance section here or the most recent items put on sale here.)

    Bonus: One of the Birds & Butterflies FREE Gift Kits.

    To enter The Folding Fish House Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY OR TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, FRIDAY, July 15, 2016)! And tell me: What will you make with your Little Folding House Shrine? And if you add a roof, what will it be made from?

    Don’t forget to leave your (hello! correct) email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

    Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

    After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via Random.org). So check your mailbox on Sunday morning to see who won and for the next Giveaway and Newsletter!

    Hey, who won Treasure Chest Gift Box Giveaway? That would be Michelle G! Congratulations!

    Posted by Leslie, July 14th, 2016

    43 Responses to “A Bell Jar Fairy AND A Fish House?! Plus a NEW FREE Gift!”

    1. M. C. Sparks Says:

      No roof I think. But I love the Owls so it might be owl themed

    2. Jo Says:

      I would make a fairy folding house with flowers and leaves for the roof.
      Or an Alice in Wonderland folding house with cards for the roof.

    3. Jen R Says:

      Hmm thinking fairy house with a mossy roof.

    4. Maggie M Says:

      You know how much I love my fairies, so, using the Little People collage sheet, I would create a fairy “house” book without a roof. Love the deer wood cut outs, too-great for the Pacific Northwest where I live:)

    5. Kat Cashwell Says:

      love this folding house and would make a Halloween scene! I look forward to these emails and seeing all the cool projects and new items you have! thanks what creativity!

    6. Jean Marmo Says:

      I think some sort of theme like this with plenty of fish! We have a cottage and I love to fish!!

    7. barb macaskill Says:

      I would make a Deer Camp inspired folding house with small sticks for the roof. It would feature the series of events surrounding deer camp. Packing, arriving, first day of the season, sitting around the fire at night and heading home. It will be a gift for hubby’s Birthday!! TFS!

    8. Jennifer Scull Says:

      I would love to make a cabin in the woods for my hubby for his upcoming birthday. the roof would be made from either some tin or other metal out in the barn or corrugated cardboard topped with wood pieces and moss.

      love the one that is shown! :)

    9. Susan Devillier Says:

      Would love to have.

    10. Kim Lucak Says:

      I would make a garden or fairy theme :)

    11. cathrine bolin Says:

      These folding houses are perfect for saint shrines:)

    12. Kate Meyers Says:

      As always, a beautiful package filled with inspiration!!

    13. Jennie Says:

      Oooohhh! I’d make a shrine to Paragon Park, the amusement park that my mom grew up at, on Nantasket Beach in Hull, MA.

    14. Barb A Says:

      I would make a kitty house, filled with all the things cats love. The roof would have to be made of scratching post material.

    15. Lana Says:

      My roof would be cardboard, but it would have vintage snippets from a dictionary page, mod podged on it. I’ve had this dictionary (found at an estate sale) for over 10 years, it is from the 20′s era and packed with pictures. perfect for this project.

    16. Traci Says:

      I love the idea of a religious shrine. I have a couple of mini crosses and statues that would be so cute displayed in the house shrine. I could add shelves to put the items on. >^..^<

    17. Kimberly Says:

      Love that folding fish house. dont know what id do until it’s in my hands. Maybe something with black cats. That’s what first comes to mind. A black cat house!

    18. Laural Says:

      mystical site of dragons and princesses using G45 enchanted forest and cut outs you offer

    19. Rosemarie Grant Says:

      Just came back from a trip to Norway. I would make a miniature hunting hut with sod roof. The front would open up like a door, and the inside would have a bunk, table etc. I have lots of little “stuff” to put in it.

    20. francine perri Says:

      how beautiful all this is I would love to make a bell jar with these gorgeous items thank you

    21. Damiana Seabrook Says:

      Love the idea of a fairy’s day at the beach. Because they fly they may have to look out for the fish!

    22. Julianne Says:

      With my Little Folding House Shrine, I’d make a Jules Verne library. I’d use sea shells for the roof.

    23. Lou Anne Says:

      My folding house project would be full of fanciful mermaids.

    24. Carolyn Bowlby Says:

      Oh, so many possibilities. My mind is spinning. Love this Giveaway.

    25. Verna Says:

      What a fun give away. I would make mine with garden and birds. I some lovely flat shell buttons that would make a great roof. Thanks!

    26. Carla Says:

      I see a beach scene with birds and animals

    27. Emily Ann Dale Says:

      Love the triptych! I’d make something with pics of my family.

    28. Ina M Good Says:

      I would make a Florida style fish house and for my roof some of that moss like stuff you sell

    29. Marilyn Hughes Says:

      Mine would be Halloween-themed. I know it’s only July, but I’m already planning and thinking of Halloween.

    30. Edith Says:

      I would make a steampunk house with a painted foam roof cut into squares and accented with metal embellishments

    31. Karen Mallory Says:

      I would make a Halloween house with a witch and ravens on the top but n roof.

    32. debbi george Says:

      would love to make a seaside cottage with a shell roof!

    33. Lori Says:

      I would make a paper dollhouse with windows and doors that flip open. Little furniture and dolls to play in it too. Thank you for the opportunity to win

    34. Mary Mac Says:

      I secret garden would be fun.

    35. Dennis L. Says:

      Loving the fish King story! Would have to make a beach theme based on Atlantic City from the 1920s. I like the looks of the corrugated cardboard roof, so would do that.

    36. Carol Slowik Says:

      Not sure what I would make yet, too many possibilities!! I love it all!

    37. Diana Bittaker Says:

      I would make an ocean style house with many sea creatures, shells and sand- the roof would be layered with seaweed!

    38. Connie williams Says:

      I would use this with a Halloween theme. It would be terrific double sided with a graveyard and a spooky house!

    39. Christie Says:

      Since Pennants have grown in popularity. I would attempt turning it upside down into pennants.

    40. Denise Bryant Says:

      These are awesome! I’d put a moss roof on mine!

    41. Phoebe Diamond Says:

      I like the idea of a Day of the Dead project. I think the roof might be some mini-shingles with eyeballs on each shingle.

    42. KIM Says:

      Wonderful giveaway .
      Thanks Alpha Stamps, for the chance to win.

    43. Susan M L Says:

      Would use the collage sheets to make bottle fairies, and would fix up the house with beach scenes. The roof might be made of foam circles cut to look like mermaid scales, layered like shingles.