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    Miniature Witch’s Bed with Tutorial by Shannon Cooper

    Filed under Art Projects, Back in Stock, Collage Sheets, Giveaways, Halloween, Sale, Shannon Cooper

    There’s a new collage sheet sale AND a new FREE witchy collage sheet with miniature magazines, but first…

    Just look at that adorable little Witch’s Bed and Table by Design Team Member Shannon Cooper! Yes, that bed is made from one of the Spider Web Wrought Iron Playing Cards — and lucky (for both of us) Shannon has provided a tutorial!

    I love how Shannon used the new Curiosity Cling Stamp Set (to stamp a design on the bed linens, and to emboss a gold metallic design in the top of her table).

    From Shannon’s blog post:

    This month, the design team for Alpha Stamps was sent a few new die cut playing cards to… well, play around with! The Spider Web Wrought Iron Playing Card caught my eye and I decided to transform it into a bed for a witch. My decision to use the spider web card had nothing to do with the need to craft Hallowe’en things, I swear.

    The table was an afterthought, made by gluing a wood finial to a wood disk, painting it, then adding a Dresden trim along the edge. The table top has an embossed design using a stamp from the Curiosity Cling Stamp Set.

    Good job, Shannon!

    Read more (and see the tutorial) on Shannon’s blog post. And be sure to come back to enter today’s Giveaway — that includes EVERYTHING in Shannon’s supply list!)

    NEW FREE Gift: Witchy Magazine Covers Mini Collage Sheet!

    I was inspired by Shannon’s little scene (with a tiny bedside table in a witch’s room) so I’ve not only made a new mini collage sheet, but have also put ALL Gypsy & Playing Cards Collage Sheets on sale for 50% off now through Monday Night!

    First: the new Witchy Magazine Covers Mini Collage Sheet: Make some tiny props for a Halloween scene, in 1:12 scale. See the Miniature Fairy Godmother Magazines Collage Sheet for pages you can use inside magazines made with these covers (plus a tutorial from Nichola on making miniature magazines)!

    The new collage sheet will be sent FREE with every order placed August 17th through 21st. All-digital orders will receive the collage sheet as a pdf file.

    Second: the Gypsy & Playing Cards Collage Sheets sale: there’s a little overlap with the recent Mythology Collage Sheets sale, but many of these are not in that category — and used in Shannon’s artwork (like the rug in Shannon’s scene is from the Astrology Backgrounds Collage Sheet at left). On sale for 50% off now through Monday, August 21st! Over 40 to choose from… go see them all!


    Hooray for the Witch’s Bed Giveaway!

    Yes, I said it! EVERYTHING in Shannon’s Witch’s Bed and Table Supply List is included in today’s Giveaway!

    I’m only highlighting a couple of the ELEVEN spiffy items in the supply list/Giveaway:
    - New Curiosity Cling Stamp Set
    Spider Web Wrought Iron Playing Card
    – Alchemy Collage Sheet (part of the Gypsy & Playing Cards Collage Sheets 50% off sale)

    Just click on this Supply List link for photos and links to everything in Shannon’s artwork, which is also all of the Giveaway items!

    Bonus: one of the new Witchy Magazine Covers Mini Collage Sheets!

    To enter the Witch’s Bed Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY OR TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, FRIDAY, August 18, 2017)!

    And tell me: Will you make a miniature bed like Shannon did? And/or: how will you use the stamps in the Curiosity Cling Stamp Set?

    Don’t forget to leave your (hello! correct) email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

    Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

    After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via Random.org). So check your mailbox on Sunday morning to see who won and for the next Giveaway and Newsletter!

    Hey, who won the Steampunk Boudoir Giveaway? Cheryl Holmes! Congratulations! Check your email for more info.

    Posted by Leslie, August 17th, 2017

    57 Responses to “Miniature Witch’s Bed with Tutorial by Shannon Cooper”

    1. Kat Cashwell Says:

      I love these stamps! The chart hanging on the wall is so cool! I would make the witch’s bed! thanks for all the awesome creativity!

    2. francine perri Says:

      I love this and I love Halloween. I would try to make a similar bed like
      Shannon. Hope I win. Thank you

    3. Traci Says:

      Love the witches bed I would make one too also the little table and the cat at the end of the bed so cute. The stamp set is great love what shannon did with them also. >^..^<

    4. Jean Marmo Says:

      How do you guys come up with these ideas? A witches bed? Too cute!

    5. Nancy O Says:

      Love the bed but would use the items in some Halloween decor I am creating.

    6. Catharine McCammon Says:

      Well of course I”ll shrink myself with a potion and snuggle into bed for a quick nap before midnight! Thank you

    7. Cherry Says:

      Love the bed – can’t wait to see how you made the matress!

    8. Jan K Says:

      The witches bed is so cute and imaginative! I would make the witches bed and use the stamps to decorate the dollhouse room I’m putting the bed in!

    9. Kim R Says:

      Eye love the stamp! I would make a gothic bedroom. Sweet dreams…hehe

    10. Laura Says:

      I would definitely make a similar bed. The whole scene Shannon made is great!

    11. Kitty Tatman Says:

      Loving the witchy scene. I think the book and pencil on the bedside table just makes the whole thing come together. I like the witch idea!! I think a hobbit or fairy scene would also be darling!!

    12. Mary Ann Says:

      This witchy bed would complete my witches doll house and make the residents howl with glee.

    13. Nola M MacDonald Says:

      So Imaginative..!
      I wonder where we get all this imagination,It fills us up so full of wonderful ideas!
      Thank You for such inspiration.We love Alpha Stamps.

    14. Sharon Bolmey Says:

      I love the witches bed and table! I would definitely make that and display it at Halloween! The Alpha Stamps blog posts are the highlight of my day!


      Love the brilliant bed idea!

    16. Pat Stoughton Says:

      I will be making the bedroom set and placing it the witch’s attics in my dollhouses. I have a ouija board already and other little object so this will be the cat’s meow. (Her familiar, of course.)

    17. Jo Says:

      I would love to make the witch’s bedroom set for my house! So many great ideas!!!

    18. Barb macaskill Says:

      Love the witches bed! I think I would try to make a matching bureau using the spider web card! Just don’t look on the mirror because you will be forever caught in the witches web! TFS!

    19. Dianna Says:

      I love what Shannon did with her witches bedroom and the bed. Absolutely awesome! I would love to win and recreate what Shannon made to make a bed of my own for Halloween scene.

    20. Randi Says:

      I love this whole project so much. I would try to make it exactly, but you know how variations just sort of slide in. Yum!

    21. Denise Humenik Says:

      I love this!! Hard to improve on perfection & love it so much, I’ll copy it!! :)

    22. Barb A Says:

      Love, love, love the bed!!

    23. Carla Says:

      The witch’s bed would be perfect in my haunted house! And give me some inspiration to start working on it again!

    24. Shelly Norris Says:

      Ooh that picture on the wall! I would love to French knot one just like that…I love the bed, I am trying to fill up a haunted mansion…

    25. Sharon Says:

      Oh I am sure that my sculpted witch Matilda would just love a bed like that to collapse into at the end of the day! She can be so fussy!!

    26. Betty Davis Says:

      Well,you’all have scored another great one!!! I love this bed!! How did you know that I am working on my 1/12 Halloween witches house this year? Witch indeed-but a good one! I also want to say how nice your employee was when I hadn’t received one of my items and when I didn’t know how to make my download that came with my order print clearly. He was a perfect gentleman!! So glad I found you. Betty Davis

    27. Patti G Says:

      Love, love, love the witch bed. Needs to go in my witch cabin.

    28. Emily N. Says:

      Really like the bed! I’ll use the stamps in my journaling!

    29. Carolyn Bowlby Says:

      I know just the perfect witch for this bed.

    30. Jennie Ingram Says:

      I would definitely use the stamps on a project I’m making for a Vintage Halloween Swap!

    31. Jen R Says:

      I would love to make this bed

    32. Kathleen S Cole Says:

      I would love to make the witchy bedrooom. I’ve already made a Witchy kitchen/breakfast area, and a spooky Edgar Allen Poe writing study, so a witchy bedroom would be great. How would I use the stamps? How would I NOT use them! I’d go stamping crazy, stamping little wooden signs, sealing them, and putting them in my “fairy garden” which isn’t really about fairies, but has a witch, a wizard and a dragon in it. I’d make shrinky jewelry for my witch dolls to wear…..I’d do all KINDS of things with those stamps!

    33. Susan S Says:

      I really like the idea of a witchy bed – I would try to make one myself. Also, the stamps would be a nice touch for one of my fortune teller/gypsy projects.

    34. Pattie Walters Says:

      Halloween is my favorite holiday. I would make the witch bed and use the stamps for this and other projects. Boo!

    35. WeeBonnie Says:

      I just found your site again and I’m just loving all the miniatures, ideas…. and well just everything. So much so that I just signed up for the monthly subscription!!
      I just love your witchy bed and can’t wait to try it.

    36. Megan Warren Says:

      I’d make the witch’s bed. Those stamps, endless possibilities, journals and mixed media art. Great combination of stamps in that set.

    37. Kathlene Ford-Walters Says:

      I will definitely make the bed. A dark Sleeping Beauty, maybe a vampire. What fun!

    38. Jessica Says:

      I would make the bed – it’s awesome!!!

    39. itsmebarbj Says:

      me too!!! I would make the bed!!!

    40. Lorna E. Says:

      Oh, those stamps are just itching to be used on a collection of envelopes and boxes filled with strange things.

    41. Mary Mac Says:

      I would like to stick with the Steampunk theme

    42. Janet T Says:

      I would love to make a witches house for Halloween.

    43. Thalia Kottke Says:

      The little bed is so cute, would make one for sure.

    44. Kee Ostler Says:

      Oh, I love this in so many ways! I would add a little bed to the attic of the witches store that I am making… The stamps would be perfect advertising posters for the store walls!

    45. Peg Dolan Says:

      My witch is planning a complete Reno! She definitely needs that bed!

    46. Carol Slowik Says:

      Loving those stamps and YES I would make the bed!

    47. LeAnn Says:

      I want to make the witch bed. So very cool! Thank you for the idea Shannon.

    48. Laural Says:

      A Halloween bunting..and a witch bed Thank you Shannon

    49. Nancy E Says:

      I love these stamps. And yes, I think a bed is definitely in order.

    50. Marilyn B. Hughes Says:

      The stamps would be great as backgrounds for Halloween things. And I love the bed.

    51. Deanne D'Aloia Says:

      Love the bed, but would use the items to make some creepy Halloween cards for all my nieces….and a few friends.

    52. chark Says:

      how clever is this? I like this idea and how it turned out, not sure I could duplicate it, but I’d probably give it a shot!

    53. Diana Bittaker Says:

      I have made a little bed display before and put grandma and little red ridding hood in it – but I love the witch bed and need to try it!

    54. Jennifer Forish Says:

      I’m making my mother-in-law a haunted doll house for her birthday (Oct 27) and this would be perfect!!

    55. Michelle g Says:

      Love the witches bed..and the stamp set. I would love to make some halloween cards

    56. Denise Bryant Says:

      Love that bed! I would make one like Shannon’s… it’s awesome!

    57. LoisC Says:

      I would make this for my sister who LOVES Halloween!