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    Christmas Ornaments (and the last Halloween FREE Gift)!

    Filed under Art Projects, Christmas, Collage Sheets, Giveaways, Kristin Batsel, Ornament Frame Set Kit, Teri Calia

    Before we dive into all the new Christmas goodies, artwork from TWO artists (and NEW kit): Continuing from Thursday and ENDS TOMORROW night, October 30th: Antiqued Anatomy Tags FREE Gift Kit!

    I love Halloween (and I bet you do, too). I had some ideas for more gifts but we’ll have to be content with this last Halloween-themed gift kit: Antiqued Anatomy Tags (plus a little glass bottle filled with glitter and a snip of tiny ribbon)!

    The bottle is one of the 12 Tiny Glass Bottles, and the ribbon is from the new 1/16 Inch Black Satin Ribbon!

    I designed the tags with illustrations from vintage anatomy books (over grungy parchment) to be used “as is” or to be the base for more arting. And the tags are in multiple sizes so you tie one on a gift or as a tag on a tiny bottle.

    The new collage sheet (AND the filled bottle & ribbon) is Free for ALL orders — through Monday night, October 30th! Note: all-digital orders will receive the collage sheet as a pdf file!

    NEW Ornament Frame Set Kit

    This kit includes a new chipboard ornament set (a simple set of a front piece with a window and a flat back with a scalloped edge — both with a hole for hanging). I designed this year’s ornament to have space for decorating (around the edges of the main image you put in the center).

    Plus 12 mini papers with zippy Christmas prints, star sequins, ribbons for decorating or hanging AND a new collage sheet with fun images for the center.

    Beside the 2-layer, Round Ornament Frame Set (exclusive to this kit), this kit contains:

    Collage Sheet:
    - New! Retro Xmas Round Ornaments Collage Sheet (Wow! There is so much mid-century cute here you may faint!)

    Scrapbook Paper:
    - TWELVE 6″ x 6″ double-sided papers — one each of all the patterns in the New Vintage Christmas 6×6 Paper Pad.

    - SIX yards of ribbons (a subset of a new ribbon set linked below)
    - 2.5mm Multicolor Star Sequins (A bunch of tiny stars in a cute little plastic “tin”. The lid screws on so you (hopefully) won’t end up with stars all over the floor.)

    Introductory Sale! The four collage sheets with 2-1/2″ round designs (that fit all 3 of the new ornament frame sets) are on sale for 50% off through Monday night, October 30th! That includes the new collage sheet shown above at left!

    Artwork! See the first wide photo below for an adorable snowman ornament by Teri Calia (with the central image coming from the Retro Xmas Round Ornaments Collage Sheet)! Teri used the Ornament Frame Set – Bauble as her starting point, added papers from the Tim Holtz Christmas 8×8 Paper Stash, tons of snowflake and star embellishments, and made some little drippy snowdrifts with a Dimensional Snow Writer. More info and photos in Teri’s blog post, and here’s a link to see all her supplies (that’s for 2 ornaments… more on that 2nd one in a sec).

    More info about the new kit is on the Ornament Frame Set Kit page. And remember to scroll down to the Giveaway on this page to see ANOTHER ornament by Teri using this kit!

    More Artwork! Santa and Snowman Ornaments (see the second wide photo below) are by Design Team Member Kristin Batsel! So bright and cheery! Kristin used the Ornament Frame Set – Star and Ornament Frame Set – Round as the base of her projects, with lots of papers and ribbons from the kit. Plus she shows how to use Dresden border strips (straight) around a curve (like the turquoise scallops around the center of the snowman ornament). More info in the Kristin’s blog post. Here’s Kristin’s supply list so you can see all the extra trims Kristin added.



    Hooray for the Ornament Frame Set Kit Giveaway!

    Wow! I love everything about this ornament by Teri Calia! Teri started with the new kit (for the chipboard frame set, the green ribbon, and the central Santa image (and the “Santa Claus” banner underneath) — so the kit is (of course!) in the Giveaway!

    Here are a couple more things Teri added (that I’m also including in the Giveaway):
    - Cream Ribbon with Velvet Polka Dots (so cute pleated around the ornament)
    - Maidenhair Fern Pick – Platinum (a little snip of this will quickly add some sparkle to a lot of future ornaments)
    - Rusty Star Ornament Set (a nice contrast with all the sparkle)
    - Tim Holtz 8×8 Kraft Paper Stash – Christmas (that’s a BIG pad… with all those red and white prints, you can go crazy with ornaments!)
    - Tiny White Snowflake Buttons (bunches of snowflakes!)
    - Holiday Disguises Collage Sheet (that Santa hat over on the right side of the ornament almost looks like a 3D felt hat!)

    BONUS: I’m including a Silly Snowmen Ornaments Half Sheet, as those images fit the ornament sets, too!

    To enter the Ornament Frame Set Kit Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY or TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, Monday Night, October 30, 2017).

    AND tell me: Snowmen or Santa? Which image from the kit collage sheet or the extra snowmen collage sheet will you use first?

    Don’t forget to leave your (hello! correct) email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

    Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

    After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via Random.org). So check your mailbox on Thursday morning to see who won and for the next Giveaway and Newsletter!

    Hey, who won the Ghoul Manor Giveaway from Thursday’s newsletter? That would be Verna! Congrats! Check your email for info.

    Posted by Leslie, October 29th, 2017

    47 Responses to “Christmas Ornaments (and the last Halloween FREE Gift)!”

    1. Tammy Says:

      Each year, think you won’t be able to top the previous ornament kit, and each year I’m wrong! LOVE this so very much, thank you!

    2. Meri Wiley Says:

      I would love the Santa themed goodies. I’ve been in love with vintage Christmas forever it seems.

    3. Nancy O Says:

      Retro Santa checking his list.

    4. Tammy Says:

      Oh and Santa, of course!

    5. Marykay Chisum Says:

      I love vintage Christmas!

    6. Barb A Says:

      Snowman would be used first. So sad that Halloween will be gone soon, but looking forward to all the great Christmas ideas to come!

    7. Cheryl Lee Says:

      These ornaments are soooo cute! I would have a hard time choosing from the Silly Snowpeople, they are all too adorable, but I like the one with the snowman holding the lantern. Congrats to Verna!!

    8. karen adams Says:

      i love snowmen the best! they would definatly be used first!

    9. Barb macaskill Says:

      I don’t know which I would use first because they are all delightful and fun! If I really have to choose a first one I guess it would be the Snowman. He is quite cute and. I wouldn’t want himto melt before you go get him on paper for all time!
      Congratulations Verna on winning the Ghoul Manor Giveaway! Enjoy!

    10. Patricia Says:

      I would use Santa first! Love that ornament by Teri Calia. I’ve also been looking for those snowflake buttons! I received a few in a supplies swap a few years ago and needed more for a project I have in mind!

    11. Carol DuBois Says:

      This kit is spectacular. I would love to do an ornament for our Mixed Media Christmas swap party.

    12. Nancy E Says:

      I love both but if I did have to chose I would say snowmen. After all they can stay displayed all winter season and coming from New England that can sometimes feel like an eternity.

    13. Denise Bryant Says:

      Snowmen first!

    14. Winnie Says:

      Yay Christmas! I’d definitely make the snowman ⛄️ so cute!

    15. Jennie Ingram Says:

      Santa for the win!

    16. Lynn Fox Says:

      Hip Hip Hooray! Christmas goodies!!! I’d definitely make snowman ornaments…so cute!!!

    17. Noreen Says:

      I would do Santa first, but snowmen aren’t far behind! Love them both! I also really like the Antiqued Anatomy Tags, and that you used real looking skeletons and not the cutesy ones.

    18. Karen Says:

      Love the retro look of the snowman and he would be my first one. However, Santa would not be far behind!

    19. Carla Says:

      Love the ornaments! Love the vintage Santas!

    20. Jean marmo Says:

      These ornaments are delightful. Love anything Santa.

    21. Rebecca Russell Says:

      I really love the old fashioned Santa! Of course, the snowmen are super cute also! :)

    22. Maura Flood Says:

      The first image I would use is from the extra. It’s he one the
      snowman holding a lantern and the snow lady
      holding a wrapped gift.

    23. Lorrilee Says:

      I love the adorable snowmen the best. Adorable!

    24. Karen Rice Says:

      WOW! I just discovered Alpha Stamps today! I’ve been looking around for the past hour! I would definitely use Santa first! I am already ordering some of your 12 Days of Christmas collage sheets! I love the store!

    25. Barb J Says:

      I’d make a snowman…especially the one with female and male snowmen

    26. Janet Turner Says:

      I would make an ornament with the vintage snowman theme. Adorable.

    27. Karen Mallory Says:

      I love Santa! So I would make an ornament with Santa image first. But those snowmen are so cute I would make an ornament with them second! LOL

    28. Vera Collier Says:

      Defintely the retro look with Santa!

    29. Jan K Says:

      I will use the snowman couple holding a lantern and a cane. Love the retro Christmas theme!

    30. Laural Lee-Wright Says:

      I’d have to go with the Santa Claus first and then a little snowman but they’re both great

    31. Laurie staffaroni Says:

      I love the retro Santa! Love that cherry face!

    32. Kim Lucak Says:

      I love vintage Christmas!!! The snowmen are adorable :)

    33. Cat Insley Says:

      These ornaments would make great greeting cards as well! I’d love to win this one!!! Hugs, cat

    34. Kathlene Ford-Walters Says:

      Snowing at my house. Nature must know that Christmas is on its way. The ornaments are adorable. Thanks for the chance to win. Hate that Halloween’s almost gone though.

    35. Gail S. Says:

      Santa or Snowmen . . . Santa or Snowmen
      I will have to go with Snowmen!

    36. Kat Cashwell Says:

      Snowmen !☃️⛄️☃️⛄️☃️ Love them!

    37. Debbie S. Says:

      Both are cute, but I guess Santa. Congrats Verna. Welcome Karen! I found this site not long ago and love it also. I would order every time if I could, so much fun and creativity here.

    38. orianna abels Says:

      Snowmen are my favorite in particular the one with the bird perched on his hand.

    39. Peg Says:

      I love Teri’s Santa! But I love snowmen too. The one with the birds I might have to use first. This is what I have been waiting for!! Great fun giveaway!! Thanks!

    40. Lisa Says:

      I love all the Santa’s! What a fun giveaway!

    41. Linda Brun Says:

      I’ve been a fan of your site for many years and it’s my favourite inspiration spot for atc and cards. These ornaments looks so fun and would love to win a kit. Thank you

    42. Mary Mac Says:

      I would love to start with the Santa’s.

    43. Carol Slowik Says:

      I am going to start with the snowmen. They are my favorite! Love these ornaments!

    44. Anne W Says:

      They are both adorable but the snowmen win by a nose.

    45. Barb D. Says:

      I love Christmas, and Santa, but think I would go with the snowman first, because I love them too!

    46. Rhonda Sihocky Says:

      I love the vintage Santa!

    47. Luanne Shoup Says:

      Hooray for Christmas! time to start making ornaments!