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    Beach Cabanas! Mini Cocktails and FREE Gift!

    Filed under Art Projects, Beach Cabanas Kit, Collage Sheets, Giveaways, Kristin Batsel, Laura Carson, Sale, Summer/Beach

    It’s day FOUR of this holiday weekend sale… and before I show you the fun new KITS, here’s a recap of the current FREE gift and FREE shipping!

    Note: as this is a holiday weekend: FREE shipping on orders over $50 (for orders shipping to USA) now through Tuesday, July 5th (that’s tomorrow night at midnight, Pacific Standard Time)!

    Psst… check the blog for sweet, under-the-sea artwork posted on the last three days, including an Under the Sea Matchbox Shrine by Nichola from yesterday’s newsletter, that inspired…

    The Matchbox Nautical Clock FREE Gift Kit includes an exclusive collage sheet, graciously provided by Laura Carson, plus goodies to make a mini clock from a matchbox! These kits are FREE for ALL orders placed TODAY ONLY (July 3, 2016)! See more photos.

    Vintage Beach Cabanas Kit

    As a follow-up to our June Beneath the Sea kit, we’ve travelled up to the shore with ladies in those adorably quaint woolen bathing costumes from about 100 years ago. Plus a chipboard cabana to put together, three colorful paper umbrellas, and romantic images from the new French Riviera 8×8 Paper Pad (one sheet each of all 6 doubled-sided sheets).

    This kit includes three collage sheets:
    - New Vintage Beach Babes Collage Sheet (Aw… look at those cute bathing costumes! These images are sized for the Cabana Row Houses.)
    - Beach Cabana Collage Sheet (You know this one had to be included because of the name! Beside more lovely ladies in their vintage bathing attire, there are some images of bathing machines.)
    - Bathing Beauties #3 Collage Sheet (with a mix of images from real photo postcards and illustrations… all in nice, small sizes that also fit the little cabana houses.)

    And, of course: a new chipboard cabana to fold together. Note: this is the smallest house from the related new Cabana Row House Set. Also note: see below for a quick photo from Kristin Batsel’s blog post showing how easily these pre-cut and scored houses are to put together.

    More info, photos and artwork are on the Vintage Beach Cabanas Kit page.

    To get you inspired to play with the Vintage Beach Cabanas Kit and associated supplies, we have samples created by two Design Team Members: Kristin Batsel and Laura Carson! Beside the info below, more photos of both of the projects are in the Gallery.

    Kristin Batsel’s Mini Beach Cabanas

    Sweet! At left are the back sides (the side without the doors) of Kristin’s cabanas, made from the new Cabana Row House Set. But they are so festive and bright with palm trees and chipboard umbrellas that I chose to show that side first. Note: those new umbrellas include 2 sets of umbrellas can be overlaid over each other.

    The next photo show the front side of one cabana at far left (with a bathing beauty faintly seen through the slats on the door) and that promised photo of how easily the houses are to make.

    See the Mini Beach Cabanas Supply List.

    Did I say cocktails? As a preview of a future beach scene, Kristin also provides a super easy tutorial for making a Cosmopolitan with one of the glasses from the new Mini Cocktails Kit!!

    Visit Kristin’s Blog for more details and photos.

    THREE Cottages by Laura Carson!

    Of course she made 3 different cottages… it’s Laura Carson!! Starting with that sweet Rose Cottage at top, Laura used the new Seaside Victorian Children Collage Sheet (not in the kit but coordinates perfectly with that vintage seaside theme).

    And that tiny white fence: painted matches! I know, she in ingenious!

    Next up is a Shell Cottage with a taller cabana house papered with those pretty papers from the new French Riviera 8×8 Paper Pad.

    And those new palm trees and chairs! And new paper umbrellas! So easy to get a beachy scene together with tips by Laura and all these new goodies.

    Lots more info (and that third cottage!) in Laura’s blog. And see all of Laura’s supplies here.

    Hooray for the Beach Cabanas Kit Giveaway!

    Today’s Giveaway starts with… THE NEW KIT:
    Vintage Beach Cabanas!

    And then I added a flurry of new chipboard shapes:
    - Palm Trees Silhouettes
    - Seaside Decor & Beach Umbrellas
    - Seaside Doors & Windows Set

    And new collage sheets (beside the 3 sheets in the kit!):
    - Seaside Victorian Children Collage Sheet
    - Rum Bottles, Labels & Posters Collage Sheet (now there’s a contrast!)

    And one of the Matchbox Nautical Clock FREE Gift Kit! Whew!

    To enter the Beach Cabanas Kit Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY, TOMORROW or TUESDAY (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, TUESDAY NIGHT, July 5, 2016). And tell me: What will you make with the Vintage Beach Cabanas Kit?

    Don’t forget to leave your (hello! correct) email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

    Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

    After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via Random.org). So check your mailbox on Thursday morning to see who won and for the next Giveaway and Newsletter!

    Hey, who won the Sea of Wonders Treasure Chest Giveaway? That would be Jackie! Congratulations! Check your email for more info.

    Posted by Leslie, July 3rd, 2016

    43 Responses to “Beach Cabanas! Mini Cocktails and FREE Gift!”

    1. Carolyn Bowlby Says:

      Got my swim suit and water stuff packed. Take me to the beach, please.

    2. francine perri Says:

      OMG how cute I would love to win this set I would make a cabana with these items I love them Thank you

    3. Julianne Says:

      A scene replicated from our South Padre Island Vacation!

    4. barb macaskill Says:

      LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!! This is such a sweet set! I didn’t realize it but the Fairies are dying to go to the beach! Good thing you posted this so that I now know that they dream of a beach outing!! They are sprinkling some fairy dust for luck so they can go!! Thanks for the chance!

    5. Barb A Says:

      A beach scene for the 4th of July …. only seems appropriate!

    6. Jennifer Scull Says:

      what a fun kit! a beach cabana set would be so great to make to keep around the house all summer! :)

    7. Alma Casiano Says:

      wow…this is a great kit ! I’d make a wonderful beachy set up with all these neat items

    8. Meri Wiley Says:

      Maybe a pirate’s cove would be fun to make!

    9. Jen R Says:

      I’d stick with the beach cabana theme! Or maybe a mermaid undersea house would be interesting. too many choices. LOL

    10. Phoebe Diamond Says:

      A beachside retreat for elderly mer-people.

    11. Maggie M Says:

      WOW! Great kits and collage sheets to create a fairy beach scene! Or a fairy village near a beach. Too much fun and lots of ideas:)

    12. Diana Bittaker Says:

      I love this so much- definitely buying one and hoping to win one!

    13. Joanne Root Says:

      I love these cabanas and would make a scene much like your example.

    14. Kat Cashwell Says:

      Love these !! I would make a row of beach house !!!🐚🐚🌴

    15. Cassandra Webster Says:

      These are so fun and so cute! My youngest niece loves creating houses out of small boxes so I’d have to get her a kit and me too! I think I’d make a beach themed fairy garden! :)

    16. Mary Mac Says:

      I would love to make a Key West theme beach houses.

    17. Diane Dainis Says:

      A “By the Sea” day! Complete with sand and margaritas!

    18. Karen Mallory Says:

      These are so cute! Of course I would make a beach cabana by the sea!!

    19. Kristie Says:

      I would love to make a whole row of private beach huts on a beach with sand and water.

    20. Marilyn H Says:

      A beach cabana, of course!

    21. Lana Says:

      Vintage bathing cuties/beauties…doesn’t get better than this!

    22. Verna Says:

      Hahahha. Just when I think you can’t possibly come up with anything cuter than the last post!!!! So summery. I will definately take a shot at a beach cabana. Thanks for the chance!

    23. Jean Marmo Says:

      I need a cabana for the cottage! Just too cute!!! You guys are so creative!!!

    24. Winnie Says:

      Love these cottages. I would make a New England beach village.

    25. Barb Striethorst Says:

      To the beach!!

    26. Carla Says:

      If I can’t be at the beach, I can dream!

    27. Cheryl Lee Says:

      I would surely make the beach cabana to add to the beach house I have in the planning stage. This would make a perfect addition to it!! Love the cabanas!

    28. Luanne shoup Says:

      Love the victories children

    29. Diana Says:

      Cabanas are cute. Would love the fun of making them.
      Thank you for your kindness.

    30. Cheryl Holmes Says:

      I would love to make a seaside miniature setting and incorporate some images from other Clipart I’ve purchased from you, like the ships collage sheet.

    31. Kim Lucak Says:

      Cute a beach scene with the cabanas would be fun!

    32. Karen Sandvick Says:

      What will you make with the Vintage Beach Cabanas Kit?
      It’s a great memory of our visit to The Isle of Wight. It is located in the English Channel.
      We walked the beach and enjoyed the Beach Houses along the shore.

    33. Sandy Popa Says:

      If I were to win this sweet cabana, it would be part of my beach bungalow I’m making. It’s adorable! Perfect addition. :-)

    34. Margaret D Says:

      I would definitely make the Cabana and I would use my last kit to make a beacon fun park scene. That mermaids tail will make a wonderful sign!

    35. Michelle Gajdacs Says:

      I would love to make a beach scene so i could dream on those long canadian winter nights

    36. Beverly Sager Says:

      A huge WOW! Little houses are one of my favorite things ever. If I were to win, I would continue the beach cottage theme. Lots of ideas swirling around in my head!

    37. Kimberly Barcello Says:


    38. Nancy S Says:

      What a great party favor for a beach-themed party!

    39. Karen Says:

      What a fun idea – I think a cute beach cottage/cabana would be fun.

    40. Denise Bryant Says:

      Love those fun cabanas! I’d decorate one to go along with some very special sea shells I have and place them together in a cabinet. Fingers crossed!

    41. Kay W Says:

      I would love to create a beachside house complete with the sand.

    42. Susan Devillier Says:

      Would love to have this!

    43. Julie F. Says:

      My grand-daughter would love to help make a darling beach scene to use her “little people” with. Love the vintage look….