Temporary Mounting of Red Rubber Stamps

Cling (EZ-Mount) Foam Cushions

Mount the stamp on EZ Mount foam cushions that are pre-treated with vinyl cling on one side and very sticky adhesive on the other (with a temporary liner to protect the sticky side). We recommend cutting around your rubber stamp first (trim to about 1/8" away from the outside line, taking care not to damage the image — using very sharp scissors), then stick to the EZ Mount, then cut the EZ Mount foam as closely as possible around your rubber stamp. Be careful not to cut your foam cushion smaller than your stamp. You can also stick the uncut rubber to the foam first and then cut both together but it takes strong hands and sharp/clean scissors.

You can reuse the EZ Mounted stamps over and over (the vinyl cling sticks to plastic and acrylic temporarily).

We store our stamps mounted on EZ Mounts in empty CD-ROM cases (you can use a CD storage system to store the CDs, but keep them out of direct sunlight). (Remove the black plastic insert from the CD case, so you just have the clear plastic shell.)

You can also store your EZ Mounted stamps in binders on cardstock pages covered with kitchen cling wrap (there are even pre-made binder pages available covered with vinyl cling).

EZ Mount sheets are available on the collage supplies page.

Tape or Glue

Note: since the foam cushioning from option 1, above, is not included in this mounting technique, it’s best to stamp on a rubber mouse pad. (Put the paper you’re stamping on onto a mouse pad before using your rubber stamp.)

a. Double stick tape

First, cut around your rubber stamp (trim to about 1/8" away from the outside line, taking care not to damage the image — using very sharp scissors). Then apply your favorite brand of double-stick tape to the block itself (a few rows to cover one side of the block). The tape will remain sticky for 5-10 different stamps before needing to be replaced. If you use tape, keep your acrylic blocks in a box with a lid (so they won't get lint on them) and don't stack the blocks on top of each other or they'll stick. You can store your stamps in envelopes (with a stamped image on the outside) in photo boxes.

b. Aleene’s TACK-IT Over & Over

Similar to using double-stick tape, but stays sticky longer (TACK-IT is a liquid glue made for appliqué). Works better to apply TACK-IT to the back of the stamps themselves (then store the same as using EZ Mounts — see above). Great product. Make sure it's completely dry before using your stamp. Can be removed by soaking in rubbing alcohol. TACK-IT is available from most art/craft stores or here:


Because of testing we’ve now got all three systems in use (not the best idea). You can successfully mix TACK-IT and EZ Mounts (mixing double-stick tape with either of the other two systems is a problem).