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August 20, 2006

Back to School

Yes, I know, school has already started for some of your little ones, but it doesn't start till after Labor Day Weekend here.

New school, children and alphabet primer items including collage sheets, printed cardstock, rubber stamps and printed twill tape & stickers are posted on their own themed "Back to School" page.

I've also added some new cigar box houses on the Blank Books, Boxes and Shrines page.

And I've posted a two-sheet set of paper dolls from my stash of vintage women's magazines ("Billy Bumps Goes to School" from 1919). Here's a little history about this paper doll:

Grace Drayton's popular Dolly Dingle series appeared in Pictorial Review magazine in March 1913, then again from 1916 through 1933. Billy Bumps was Dolly Dingle's friend (other dolls in the series include Dolly's twin cousins (Jock and Joan) and her friends, Mary, Tommy and Sammy). Ms. Drayton also drew the "Campbell Kids" for Campbell's Soup.

August is winding down... I feel the tug of the slide toward Christmas...

Posted by Leslie at 10:42 PM

August 05, 2006

New art, new rubber stamps, new specials

Hi all. I've added a new "art du jour" feature on the home page (with sample art changing daily — or at least every couple of days).

And there's a bunch of new rubber stamps:
- "And baby makes three" - a new section of vintage deco couples, babies & accessories (pram, teddy bear, etc.)
- "Hush" - an art deco beauty
- "Elizabeth of York" - a new stamps from our "Queens of England" series

New supplies and trims:
Adhesive-back brass frames, 2 more styles of brass crowns, teeny tiny coin envelope books, gigantic maison paper/sticker pads, stocking garters, small chalkboards w/ruler edges, and 2 new collage sheets from Tracy Roos (seashells and birds).

And last but not least, I've put 2 whole sections on sale:
- ALL unmounted alphabet rubber stamp sheets
- ALL single sheets of scrapbook paper

Hope you're enjoying — or at least surviving — the dog days... Fall is just around the corner.

Posted by Leslie at 07:42 PM

July 28, 2006

Creativity Helpers

Cool new stickers in themed sets for making quick work of creating a card or a gift, like the book at right. Plus new unmounted rubber stamp sheets (sewing notions, doll parts & flourishes) and lots of new rub-ons (like the fancy frame, at right, faux postal cancellations, numerals, and some early Winter borders & snowflakes).

In other news, the swatch book kits are back in stock.

I hope you're all managing to stay cool!

Posted by Leslie at 12:16 PM

July 18, 2006

Metal & Rubber

Two of the new elements for alchemy? Perhaps paper is the third. What would be the fourth? Anyway, some beautiful collaged rubber stamps have arrived from England. And some gorgeous, finely-detailed brass charms and latches (like the one at left, which would make a good closure for a grimoire) and some miniature brass knives, forks & spoons have just been added to the site. What else... some Ornate Rectangular Frames and Round Brass Pendants (in 2 sizes) and Ornate Hanging Handles and Diamond-Shaped Filigree. And some silver- and brass-colored Metal Corners with embossed screw and stitching designs and flat faux hinges.

New sale items: the recently-added Madame Talbot's Alphabet rubber stamp set and all the wooden shrines. It's getting late... perhaps it�s time for a little rest.

Posted by Leslie at 12:40 AM

July 08, 2006

Mermaids Kit and other (mainly paper) goodies

You're benefitting from me being home and recuperating with my laptop...

Mermaids Kit. A mini kit with a collage sheet, three scrapbook sheets and a fiber set. New mermaid brass charms are listed on the same page.

Four Five New Collage Sheets by Tracy Roos. Including free directions (from an article written by Tracy for Cloth Paper Scissors) on making faux metal tintypes.

Five New Collage Sheets by Tallulah:

 - Lucky Numbers

 - Bathing Beauties, Beauty
   Queens and Drama Queens

 - Pierrot

Two New Scrapbook Paper Sets.

Two New Alphabet Cardstock Strips.

Posted by Leslie at 11:58 PM

July 01, 2006

Polka Dots!

Lots of new supplies:

Four new two-sheet paper sets with dots or reproductions of wallpaper patterns...

Photo brads...

Tiny brass clock faces...

Two new unmounted rubber stamp sheets with stitching patterns (and a dress form)...

New brass charms with cherubs (facing left or right), Fleur de Lys, bees, squirrels and rulers...

and the small box latches are (finally) back in stock.

Happy 4th of July holiday weekend for those of you in the U.S.

Posted by Leslie at 02:22 PM

June 21, 2006

Paper Doll Rubber Stamps (and a New Alphabet and Puss in Boots and...)

Two new sets of paper doll rubber stamps:

(with a classic white "Pierrot" costume and a more modern clown costume)

Fairy Tales
(including Little Red Riding Hood, Mother Goose, and Little Bo Peep costumes)

Both sets have hats and masks and other accessories.

A wonderful new alphabet drawn by the fabulous Madame Talbot.

And many new individual stamps including Puss in Boots, clowns, an Art Nouveau poster stamp with black cats, and naughty mermaids. Links to them all are on the Rubber Stamps overview page.

Posted by Leslie at 02:46 PM

June 14, 2006

New Urban Couture Papers, New Metal Embellishments and New Rubber Stamps on Sale

Lots of new supplies. Diving in:

Urban Couture paper set. Beautiful patterns based on fabric designs.

Brass handles

Tiny brass hinges

Larger brass scissors charms

Medium-sized wooden spools

Small chalkboards. Makes a nice frame/background for a collage.

Repro Roman coin buttons with copper/green patina colors.

Turquoise fiber set

- Two new rubber stamps (antique maps unmounted sheet and set of clowns with letters) on sale.

Posted by Leslie at 01:17 AM

June 03, 2006

New Paper Set, Brown Gaffers Tape, and Escutcheons Back in Stock

First, the silver escutcheons are back in stock.

Next, a new set of scrapbook papers is available (Blitzen) and I�ve posted photos of a luscious Juliet book by Mz Bella using the new paper set (with some of the Juliet collage sheets and some of the metal filigree and watch faces).

Finally, there are 2 new gaffers tapes (in brown paisley and harlequin diamond patterns).

Posted by Leslie at 03:41 PM

May 26, 2006

New Rubber Stamps and Memorial Day Weekend Collage Sheet Sale

New rubber stamps:

New Frames & Borders Section

- New stamps in the Kings & Queens Section

- New stamps in the Nursery Rhymes Section

- New stamps in the Ornament Section

New collage supplies:

Beautiful pewter bracelet kits

ATC paper pads

Mini button & string closures

Accordion Fold Books

Clear stickers with a mixed-font circus alphabet

And all collage sheets are on sale through Monday!

Posted by Leslie at 01:10 AM

May 18, 2006

Quick Update - New Papers, Stickers, and New Rubber Stamp on Sale

- Four new multi-sheet scrapbook paper sets (two 6" paper pads and two sets of four 12" x 12" sheets)

Matching Fiber Sets for two of the new paper sets

Die-Cut Alphabet Stickers

- Cupid Stirring Cocoa rubber stamps and a couple remaining journals on sale.

Posted by Leslie at 02:39 AM

May 10, 2006

More Sewing-Themed (and Other) Goodies

Lots of new supplies recently added:

Sewing-themed rub-ons

Arrow brass photo turns

Decorative knobs (or drawer pulls) and some lightweight handles

Tiny rivets in 3 colors and rivet setters

Eyelet washers

Another filigree design

Nailheads and Heraldic Crests

Alphabet flash cards

String-and-button closure envelope albums

Also, more vintage shoe buttons and some multi-sheet collage sheet sets have been added to the sewing kit page. And a whole new section of artwork has been added to the Gallery. Whew.

Posted by Leslie at 01:15 AM

May 01, 2006

Vintage Knitting Patterns

After the feedback on my previous post of embroidery ads, here is a knitting page from a 1919 magazine, along with 2 pages of instructions (links to instructions page 1 and page 2). Note: the instructions are quite long (and the type was small so I didn't reduce to fit a letter-sized page) so you're on your own as to how to print them out. Sorry!

Click on either photo for a 200 dpi image sized to fit a letter-sized page. After the larger image window pops up, you can control-click on the scans to save them to your hard drive (control-click is on a mac; right-click on a pc). Please email me if you make something out if it (collage art or actual knitted garment or accessory).

Posted by Leslie at 11:48 AM

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